A Bespoke Suit Crafted at Niro Speaks Volumes!

If a gentleman’s wardrobe is one the most important parts of his personality, impacting his life profoundly, then knowing how to create the attire that helps define a man, is an earnest art and a science. We at Niro know this timeless art very well!

Christian Burgess at Niro Fashio for Bespoke Suit

Christian Burgess, the Defender from Portsmouth F.C. at Niro for Bespoke Suit

A bespoke suit is one of the few luxuries in life that have a meaningful electrifying effect on people around you. It speaks of your taste in fashion and of how much you care about your appearance. Even if you are a guy who likes to live the wild side of life and has that rebellious spirit, you cannot escape the charm, the splendid magnificence and the sheer enigmatic elegance of a suit.

There is a reason men wear a suit to an occasion that can be the defining moment of their lives. From graduation to marriages, interviews, business presentations to rigorous negotiations in the conference room. Even moments that define human history in today’s globalized world, happen by decisions taken by men dressed in a suit. Sophistication, style and confidence is the name of the game and might we also add that, studies have shown that men dressed up in a suit are adept at abstract processing, a way of thinking that helps solve problems faster, since the subject feels more ‘Powerful’! We told you it’s a science, remember?

At Niro Fashion, our mission is to perfect this art and science of stitching up a storm! Get ready to unleash the charismatic gentleman in you with our made to order service coming up soon. Along with our commitment to perfect our craft, we also commit to convenience for our customers. What if we said you could be anywhere in the UK, and have a custom made suit for yourself within 36-48 hours? Allow us to take you to the promised land of custom crafted finesse.

Residents of Cambridgeshire, and nearby areas rejoice, because you can walk into our fashion store, at Peterborough, select the fabric material of your choice, allow us to take measurement, and place your order. If you cannot come to us, we would be happy to come over to your house or workplace to take your measurement. After taking measurement, you can either collect it from us within 36 hours or have us deliver it to you anywhere in UK, within 48 hours.

We are distinguished outfitters in the vintage art of suit making with a modern touch, and hence get orders from around the globe. We also use a very special, and a relatively new touch called technology, be prepared for us to be able to guide you how to measure yourself over Skype or another video-chat program of your choice from anywhere in the world! A man needs to adapt to the changing times and we would like to be the front-runners in starting a new trend, the trend of dressing up gentlemen all over the world in the most spectacular way possible! After measurement and placing your order online, we promise to deliver your made to measure suit anywhere in the world in less than 99 hours.

Watch out for our stores and do visit us to check what goes into dressing up fine gentlemen. While our made to order service is guaranteed to be a blast and a memorable experience, we look forward to being talked about in a business school about our Skype based touch to the loved art of suiting up the men! Contact us to book an appointment with us today!

Christian Burgess and Ben Alanwick at Niro

Ben Alanwick and Christian Burgess at Niro Fashion in Peterborough for Made to Measure Suits

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