A Stitch in Time

Bespoke tailoring services for men by NIRO PeterboroughThe importance of style and quality cannot be stressed enough. Appearance and attire is everything, especially in today’s fast paced world. Everything around us is constantly changing, everything but the suit, a symbol of sophistication and elegance. A good quality suit is an absolute necessity. A man’s wardrobe is simply not complete without a few chic custom made suits.

A lot of us tell ourselves, that it is simply not worth the money and is just a waste of wardrobe space, only to find ourselves running around at the last moment, with a very important job interview or a close friend’s marriage, snapping at our heels. We eventually jump into the wardrobes of our friends, trying to come to terms with the chaos of matching colours, sizes, style and fit, in order to find a good setup for the occasion. Especially for a wedding, this is a recipe for disaster, something which we all need to, well and truly, avoid! In all probability, what you may salvage out of a friend’s wardrobe may end up being an utter shambles. Something as minute as wearing a suit that is a tad too large or small, shall turn you into the stuff of legends with your friends, for all the wrong reasons! What is worse, they will never let you forget it, ever, because they now have photographs of you in it!

made to measure suit by NIROAt Niro fashion, we are more than people who just craft fine clothing for you. We are practically your go to guy, the bloke that you reach out to when you need some serious help. Yes sir! Do you need a good suit to make a blockbuster of an impression? This is where we come in. We understand what it takes to bring out the best in a man’s wardrobe and couple that with a strict schedule and on-the-dot delivery, we do not see why you are not going to love us!

Niro Fashion custom made suitJust pick up the phone and reach out to one of the best craftsmen in town and we shall set you up. Pick up delivery of your own custom made suit within 36 hours, or allow us to deliver it to you within 48 hours, and it doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, we have you covered. Since we are professionals on a mission ourselves, we also commit to delivering the quality of our work to you, anywhere in the world in a span of 99 hours. No more last minute scares and tensions. It doesn’t matter if your luggage did not reach on time or if your favourite suit were to meet with unexpected damage or a horrible stain. We will make one for you, just the way you would like it. Before you get caught in an awkward social situation, one that life is so infamous, for putting us all in, regularly! Let us get you out of trouble whenever you need us with our coverage and styling skills.

We assure you that getting yourself a new made to measure suit is truly worth it and once you choose services from Niro Fashion, your fashion is our business. Let us make your life hassle free. We believe dressing up should be a fun experience. Let us erase your stress, and fix you up, with the class and finesse of a bespoke tailored suit, delivered to your door step. Contact us at: https://www.nirofashion.com/contact-us-i3 or call us to enquire about our bespoke tailoring services for men at: Tel: +44 (0)1733 564 077, we are available to take your calls between 9am to 5:30 GMT, Monday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm GMT on Sunday.