May The Fashion Be With You

A die hard star wars fan? Well, so is Martin, the mastermind behind all of the Iconic designs produced by RMC Jeans. Staying true to the design philosophy, embraced by the early denim manufacturers of Japan, Martin Yat Ming has been instrumental in helping RMC to carve out a niche for themselves over the years by incorporating unique design cues into their clothing collection. One of the most significant features that instantly makes a fan out of potential consumers are the vivid embroidery and the jewel buttons that the jeans come with.
Three Stormtroopers RMC Yoropiko
When a star wars fan, blessed with remarkable creativity gets to work on doing something he loves, the end result is an empire, so strong that its presence resonates throughout the world. That is right! Now, the handmade goodness of RMC and Yoropiko, comes custom made for the Star Wars fan. It simply does not matter which side you are on, ‘the force’ in the astounding Star Wars themed apparel is extremely strong. In fact it is so strong that you simply cannot escape its hypnotic charm.

From the C3PO t shirts to the extremely desirable, limited edition storm trooper denim jeans, RMC Yoropiko is going to leave a typical Star Wars fan wanting for more, just like a child, waiting to open Christmas presents on the blessed day! Once again pushing the boundaries of creativity, RMC have out done themselves by incorporating the genius of their design cues with the charm of the characters of the legendary movie.

With no compromise made in production quality, the Star Wars denim jeans are crafted from raw selvedge denim and is styled with the familiar RMC style embroidery, in vivid detail. The Star Wars line of RMC apparel is a true tribute from a loyal fan of the movie franchise dedicated to revolutionizing the casual wardrobe of many other loyal fans of the movie series, all over the world.

RMC Yoropiko Star Wars JeansThese are undoubtedly a one of a kind, inspired line of clothing from any denim manufacturer that oozes pure passion, appreciation and finish. RMC Jeans have successfully managed to create a niche within a niche, with the Star Wars clothing collection. These are a limited edition apparel that is a must have for any true fan of the movie franchise. Crafted with an uncompromising quality, fit and finish the RMC and Yoropiko Star Wars series are here to stay! Be a part of the empire with the exclusive, world class jeans trousers and super cool t shirts.

RMC jeans are full of surprises when it comes to design and they have managed to execute a blockbuster of a product with the Star Wars RMC and Yoropiko series. Just think, how cool would you look, dressed in the hand designer jeans with the Stormtrooper embroidery, when you are on the way to catch the premiere of the upcoming sequels of the movies!

May everyone’s eyes be on you!