Cocktail Party Etiquette

NIRO Made to Measure ServicesAlthough widely recognized to be a British invention, a trend set by Alec Waugh, a British Novelist, the Americans have claimed it to be theirs. But irrespective of who came up with it, a cocktail party is a phenomenally popular social event, and is a great way to socialize. Cocktail parties are a grand affair where one is always making an effort to look their best. A glamourous and a relatively inexpensive affair, cocktail parties have caught on really well and are hugely popular.

Some of these events can be a wonderful way to network and to rope in some clients and business contacts as well. The party, can be a lot of fun, but can also be a great platform to mingle and make a great impression with the other guests, because you may never know where an acquaintance may lead you. The very nature of a cocktail party entails the commixture of an informal platform for people, close to the guest, to socialize, with the glamour of the times from when it was invented. In summary, a cocktail party is a finely blended cocktail of the formal, with the informal!

It is no wonder why an invite to a cocktail party can get some people all nervous. The way you speak, conduct yourself, the etiquette one should remember. Although it may sound like a tiresome experience, because you are not a regular at such events, brimming with life, it can be really fun, once you have better understood it. It is like getting to know a person to be precise. The better you know someone, the more comfortable you are eventually going to get.

Bespoke suit from NIROAttire, is everything, mastering it is equivalent to winning half the battle. So it is imperative that you look your best, especially when a dress code has been requested by the host. A cocktail attire, is simply one of the best looking outfits you are going to wear. Traditionally, cocktail attire for men starts off with a full clean shave, a charming haircut, and a dress shirt in white or any other muted colour tone. Top this off with a grey coloured bespoke suit, ranging from dark to mid grey, with a neck tie, preferably in plains and finish this off with, over the calf socks that are the same colour as the trousers, and black dress shoes. You are set!

Depending on how ‘festive’ the cocktail party is, you may choose to go with a pocket square that matches your attire. Although times have changed and you do have the leverage to sport varied tastes in attire, it is advisable to keep it simple, to a cocktail party. A made to measure suit can really help you score, as mismatch of size will not allow you to be yourself. The flashy suits with pinstripes and the tuxedos are a big no-no, because that simply says you are trying a little too hard. Especially at a wedding cocktail party, you simply do not want to take away the limelight from the bride and the groom by going for the James Bond look!

If attire is one half of what a man is, then demeanour is the other half. So it is important to focus on some crucial dos and don’ts.

Take a moment to think about the event, especially when you know there would be guests who you want to interact with, and get a business communication going on. Getting to the party with time to spare, to sort out your hair and to catch your breath when you finally arrive, can be helpful. Staying confident and speaking with a smile is important but having something to talk about, which can break the ice, is crucial. Watch the intake of the drinks, you would like it to be a memorable party for all the right reasons only! Be active and introduce yourself to people. Working the crowd is a talent. Bringing something to the host as a gift shows that you care, after all, the host did care enough, to invite you. So offering some help to the host is also a great way to express your gratitude. Since the party is an affair of only a couple of hours to the maximum, you can surely give your phone a rest! Always leave the party with a thanks to the guest and a bye to friends and new acquaintances. With the right approach you may very well be the life of the party!

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