Dress Up for work with a Bespoke Suit

Custom made suits for work

A custom made suit shows that you are serious about your work

To keep it really simple, business formals predominantly comprise of a suit, tie, dress slacks or trousers and dress shoes. It is a social convention that is unanimously accepted all over the world spanning a multitude of countries. With the world becoming more globalized than ever, business formals have become a norm and a standard. In almost all businesses, especially at the top management level require a “professional” attire and this little titbit, is not something that is taught to an individual. An aspiring business professional simply learns this along with academics and prepares themselves for it, with experience.

Sure, when viewed from a certain perspective, business is all about profitability,

innovation and growth, but a place of work is an environment that has a social convention and workplace attire is very important part of this convention. Formal work wear is a symbol of discipline and commitment towards work. One good look at the top brass in your office shall convey the importance of a good formal attire. So it is important to invest in some good custom made suits especially if you are in a business role that involves face to face interaction with clients for business development.

At Niro fashion, we cannot stress enough, how important a gentleman’s dress is and how it changes people’s perception of him. A made to measure suit shows that you are serious about your work and also make an effort to look good. So by remembering a simple set of points, you can create waves at your workplace, by showing up in the right attire. Who knows what your dressing style may lead to? Start by being well aware of what the dress code of your organization dictates and base your style, according to it. As a general rule it is imperative for you to ‘fit into’ the culture of your company. Remember, a business is nothing but a group of like-minded individuals, working to achieve a common goal, so anything that projects you as otherwise is a detrimental effort.

made to measure suit

Made to measure suit s for work and business meetings

A formal business attire begins with a good choice of a well-made jacket, crafted from quality fabric. Although it may cost a little more, the effect it has on your demeanour, is well worth it. Wearing well-fitting shirts and formal trousers, is the key. While it shall accentuate your physique when you wear one, which is slightly towards the slimmer fit, side, getting carried away with it shall only keep you uncomfortable and distracted all throughout your day at the office. A bespoke suit can really help you save the time you spend in matching your coat to trousers.

Collared shirts that have a lighter colour that are not too bright but also lively at the same time are guaranteed to make people around you, look up and take notice all the time. A tie that matches your trousers and flatters your shirt really well, is a must. Complete your look with trousers that match your jacket colour and polished dress shoes and dark coloured dress socks and you are ready!

Business casuals are a hot new trend, extremely popular today, spearheaded by the ‘start-up’ crowd. More and more businesses are embracing this trend and it seems to have a lot of acceptance with the employees of the firm as well. From clean, neat and pressed Oxford shirts to even khakis, business casuals offer a lot of scope to explore choices. While Dockers may not be your first choice you can always go for tailored pants and coats, giving you that semi-formal look.