Irresistible Suka Jackets

Every denim enthusiast in the world is familiar with how denim jeans were invented in the United States and how the advent and the eventual end of the Second World War, saw denim jeans gain popularity in Japan. It is a story that, people unfamiliar with, love listening to, as much as the people who tell it, love telling it. If the denim enthusiast really knows their stuff about fashion, they should also have told you the story of ‘Suka’ or ‘Sukajan’ jackets, an absolute eye candy of a designer item, an iconic apparel to have come from Japan, whose roots, are based in the USA.

If you have watched the movie ‘Drive’, then you are familiar with the white satin jacket with the golden coloured scorpion on the back that actor Ryan Gosling made immortal. Although the jacket worn by the actor was not an ‘off the shelf’ purchase, it was certainly inspired by his own 1950s souvenir jacket that he once wore, as a young man. These absolutely badass jackets have admirable status, and are called Suka or souvenier jackets.


Suka Jacket worn by Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling sporting Suka Jacket for the Movie Drive

Inspired by the letterman jackets sported by the college jocks in the US, Suka jackets have a lively presence and come in super cool bright colours with intricate embroidery and ribbed waistband and sleeve cuffs. It may not be the choice of colours that may cast a spell on an onlooker, but it is almost always the level of detail that goes into the embroidery of these jackets. The three dimensional textured surface and the supercool design on the jacket, usually the art work of an animal, is what has given this jacket that iconic status. It has been close to 70 years since American soldiers based in Japan, first popularized this trend, when their original intention was to just take back home a souvenier from the time they had spent in Japan, and even to this day these jackets remain in demand. Although the vintage jackets are still popular, modern era technology and innovations have managed to distinctly yet subtly change the way Suka jackets look today. Drawing inspiration from the biker, rock, punk and the tattoo culture, Suka jackets have come a long way, but the ones with inclination towards Japanese heritage and culture are still immensely loved.

Suka Jackets worn by JLS band

JLS band sporting Suka Jackets

Sugar Cane Suka jackets are one of the industry leaders who have popularized this iconic style. The Suka jackets from Tailor Toyo are reversible, giving the wearer a winning combination of two jackets for the price of one! Made from a satin construction, the jackets are styled with lively bright colours and the back is styled with designs that are inspired by the Japanese culture. Tailor Toyo Suka jackets by Sugar Cane stay true to the design roots of this iconic jacket and offer a close comfortable fit. Oozing with that much sought after menacing, rebellious charm, the combination of the colours and the detailed embroidery and the awesomeness of the design re guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Catering to the needs of customers and collectors alike, it is safe to conclude that Tailor Toyo by Sugar Cane Company are today’s front runners who have mastered this vintage art of creating Sukajan jackets, loved so unanimously everywhere in the world! Remember that the Suka jackets made by Tailor Toyo are authentic original and not a replica or imitation.