Prom It UP!

Bow Tie for Bespoke suit

Bow Tie to go with a Tuxedo or Bespoke suit

The penchant for being dressed to kill, should begin at a very young age, because by the time a young man is old enough to be a professional where dressing matters, he shall have thoroughly mastered this art.

What better way to make an impression that shall stay with you for the rest of your life and in the memories of everyone around you at school, than your prom night? The first true test of a man’s personality. A very special moment in every young man’s life, something that shall boost your confidence and let you take the first step in the journey from being a boy to a gentleman. A very special evening indeed.

Lose the dress related anxiety and get ready to make this moment yours! Dressing up for the prom can be fun, if you can take a deep breath and start to plan. A prom night is an absolute classic event and we can bet that the first thing that comes into a man’s mind when it comes to prom, is a fine, elegant and timeless new tuxedo. Absolutely, your first opportunity to get yourself a tuxedo is here and you might as well make the most of it. At Niro Fashion, we are no lesser at preparing you for your special night, than your dad or even your best mate, for that matter. All you have to do is either visit us at our studio at Peterborough, or fix an appointment for us to visit you for measurements, rest will be taken care of by our expert fitters.

It is all about confidence and a rock solid plan. Make a plan, stick to it and remain confident and rest assured you shall be talking about your prom, with a smile on your face ten years down the line! Take control of the event because you want to be a man who is dressing himself up, rather than being one, who is just getting draped with clothes, by his relatives or worse, a tuxedo rental salesman! One must go for a made to measure suit to avoid bad fitting.

The elegance of black and white is a timeless classic and has made many young men, a super hit. There is something simply so powerful and majestic about this contrasting combination of colours that makes people look up and take notice of you. Staying away from gaudy and unnecessarily bright suggestions from people around you, although a dash of lively colours on your attire may actually make you stand out from the crowd, which is a good thing. Wearing something that you are not comfortable with shall keep you conscious of yourself the whole night. You want to be yourself, without thinking a lot, if you want to have some serious fun.

Bespoke Suit

Made to Measure Suit for Prom

Selecting the combination of the jacket, maybe styled on a tuxedo, the shirt, trousers, tie and shoes is the first thing you would need to focus on. With our promise to deliver a personalised set of threads for you within 36-48 hours anywhere in the UK, at your door step means that you have one less, seriously time consuming thing to worry about. You do not want to be struck following up with your tailor now, do you? Let us handle readying your bespoke suit while you focus on other important things like a checklist. Allow us to take the liberty of making a small one for you.

  • Clean shave and a good neat hair cut: Not only betters your style but also is key to accentuating your dress.
  • Book a limousine: Take your lady to the event in style.
  • Dress and flowers: Make sure to know what colour dress your date shall be wearing and go ahead and surprise her with flowers of the same colour.
  • Dinner reservations: After the event this is a great way for you and your friends to create a lasting memory, just make sure not to mess up the bookings if your friends have trusted you with it!
  • Camera: It is all about creating memories isn’t it? An uncharged camera or one without any space on a memory card is going to make you want to cry.
  • Finalize times: Be on time and make sure you meet or pick your date and friends up at the promised times and mind your manners, your date’s parents will have all eyes on you!