Adam Sandler in Hawaiian Shirt

Adam Sandler Sporting Hawaiian Shirt in 50 First Dates

Fabric that is so beautifully printed and decorated with a large multitude of floral designs and other nature inspired artwork, which instantly puts a smile on anyone’s face, is certainly bound to become popular and famous and boy do people love it! The first Hawaiian shirts were created in the 1930s and is still the symbol of some good times. Also called ‘the island shirt’ the Hawaiian shirt is an everyday wear, apparel for the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. The craze for these wonderfully colourful shirts has become so huge that, vintage shirts are now a collector’s item, exchanging hands for hundreds of dollars on c2c e-commerce websites like eBay.

Hawaiian shirt for Sunny Day

Hawaiian shirt with bold colours

The birth of the trend is widely credited to the residents of the island who lived there in the early 1930s.They created fabrics based on the colourful materials that were bought from Japanese merchants, who had migrated to Hawaii and had originally meant to make Kimonos, a traditional Japanese robe, out of them. The sheer brilliance of the way these colourful shirts looked, drew everyone’s attention especially that of the tourists and surging sales of these colourful shirts led to the birth of a cottage industry. The subsequent feature of these shirts in Hollywood movies especially by legends like Elvis Presley, led to them becoming an iconic lifestyle item which they still remain to be, today.

There are numerous textile companies that are actively producing and releasing various iterations of shirt, inspired by the original Hawaiian classic. One of the front runners of this are Sun Surf. Taking pride for being one of the most authentic, vintage styled shirt makers, Sun Surf started off in the 1980s and are made by the same people behind the swoon worthy, Sugarcane denim jeans. Superb copies of the vintage shirts from back in the day are available at Niro fashion thanks to the passion carried forth by Sun Surf. Original down to the last detail, from the custom made fabric to the manufacturing techniques, the shirts by Sun Surf, are worthy of a true fashion connoisseur’s interest.

Elvis Presley in a Hawaiian shirt

Elvis Presley sporting a Hawaiian shirt in a movie still from “Blue Hawaii”

For the first time, at the convenience of the click of a mouse, you can own a brilliant piece that is going to make a star out of you, on your holiday. The latest collection of Sun Surf shirts are available at Niro fashion. Choose from custom made vintage styled picks. Add a smashing new colourful shirt to your casual wardrobe and gear up for your holiday in style. An absolute perfect way to be dressed, while you get ready to soak up some sunshine. What better way to greet the sunshine than the lively colours of a Hawaiian shirt?