Remember The Foxes!

Leicester City FC celebrate with Premier LeagueIt is all over and the dust has finally settled, but it has not quite sunk in yet. Leicester city have secured the top spot in the 2015-16 Premier League and it has been nothing short of magical. Everyone who witnessed the Juggernaut of Leicester city is still coming to terms with the way, the foxes suddenly developed unstoppable speed, stellar momentum, superhuman strength, sharper teeth, venomous glands, fire breathing lungs, x-ray vision and wings. Well, it is quite hard not to be dramatic when talking about the foxes, given the spectacular way in which they wiped the football pitch with the competition. The best part? No one even predicted it! As a matter of fact the odds against Leicester city were a humbling 5000 to 1.

THE FOXES secured the top spot in the 2015-16 Premier League
Now that the foxes have had the last laugh, everyone who was on the receiving end has just had to accept the presence of the best team in the UK. Goals this season were in such abundance that a long standing Guinness World record that lasted for more than a decade, previously set by a lovable member of the Red devils, Rudd van Nistelrooy was usurped by Jamie Vardy, the saviour, the man in who we all first saw the sparks of battle as he scored 11 goals in 11 consecutive games.Jamie Vardy lifts 2015-16 Premier League Cup

The dream run of Leicester city has been the stuff of legends and they have managed to add some special pages to history. This one is quite special though as it will forever be the tale of how the underdogs, trounced the big and mighty names of the Premiership. The saga of the foxes’ journey shall be symbolic of what can happen when a closely knit team and its management click on all cylinders. An inspiration for everyone who needs a small boost of confidence, indeed.

Clearly we are ecstatic about the triumph of the foxes and with good reason. Niro fashion came to Peterborough, just shy of 45 miles from Leicester city. Most of our founding members hail from this city and this is a special moment for us at Niro Fashion. To be honest it is one thing to follow the sport and watch some mainstream action and completely another, when a team from a place you call home wins on such a colossal scale. This fairy tale, run for redemption style triumph of the premier league champions is much more profound for us and we are proud of the foxes for their epic run and a place in the champions’ league roster.

Niro FashionTHE FOXES Won Premier League would like to congratulate Leicester city FC on their historic win and we are overjoyed to know that the boys who played with such unshakable determination and passion have finally put this great city where we come from, on the map.

We wish our boys to continue their style of winning football against the Spanish, Italian and German giants and pull off another miracle, worthy of adulation and deliver some more magic.