Okinawa Jeans by Sugarcane

Okinawa Jeans collection by SugarCane

The one thing that sets an individual or a group of individuals apart in a fiercely competitive environment, is innovation, a constant quest for excellence, diversity, technological breakthroughs and a hunger to be different and to be recognized. Today we are going to talk about one such entity, from the land of the rising Sun, people who make incredibly brilliant denim jeans out of sugar cane fibres, yes you read that right, Sugarcane!

The Okinawa collection of denim jeans from Sugar Cane Jeans has picked up pace in western and eastern markets alike. More and more numbers of consumers are giving the denims crafted by Sugar Cane Jeans a try and are loving them. The distinct nature of these denim jeans has already caught the undivided attention of denim enthusiasts. This is mainly so because of the effort put in to ensure a no compromise approach to their manufacturing process.

The Okinawa collection by Sugar Cane Jeans is an inspired collection, drawing influences from the styles of the late 1940s and early 50s.Made with a blend of hard-core traditional techniques that give the jeans their authenticity and innovation and creativity in textile development, Sugarcane Jeans have a large fan following thanks to their passion towards their work.

The vintage styled denim jeans have a generous helping of Sugar Cane fibres in the fabric and this in turn gives the Jeans a rugged, coarse and a heavy feel. The natural dyes used in the staining process of the jeans give a distinct tone of colour that, Sugarcane are now famous for. The subtle differences that are a resultant of the proprietary methods employed by Sugar cane Jeans to craft their trousers, make the Okinawa collection a much sought after apparel. It is no surprise that the more authentic and original the product feels, the more it is loved by customers and denim enthusiasts alike.

The Jeans collection is named after the place, in Japan where the cotton and the sugar cane fibres come from. The raw materials are carefully chosen by experts in Okinawa and are put into production with an excruciating amount of attention to detail. This blend of woven cotton yarns and sugar cane fibres, is a first in the world feat, achieved by Sugar Cane Jeans.

Okinawa Jeans from SugarCaneOnce these jeans have been bought is when a customer truly gets to experience what ‘breaking into’ raw denim jeans actually means. Besides having a distinct sweet scent, because of the presence of sugar cane fibres, the overtime usage of the jeans that make up the Okinawa jeans collection, leave faded marks, whiskering and worn out effects which is simply not possible with jeans that are less coarse and thinner. Thanks to these distinct details which the jeans give out, they have gained quite a reputation for it with fans all over the world and are easily one of the best denim jeans in the market that your money could possibly buy.

The Okinawa jeans collection by Sugarcane Jeans comprises of vintage jeans, made using traditional manufacturing techniques and are raw denim jeans, in the truest sense. An absolute epitome of denim making, some of the jeans come styled with characters, scenes from Japanese mythology and hand crafted goodness. Things in the denim world can simply not get any better than this!