Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Fathers DayHe has held your hand and shown you how to take your first steps in the longest journey known to man called ‘life’. He was there when you first fell to the ground and tears filled your eyes, to dust you and help you get back on your feet. He has been the pillar that has supported you to become the accomplished individual that you now are. It is that time of year again, a day when it is all about your father. A special day, to celebrate his presence, commitment, and fortitude. A great occasion for you to honour and thank him for the sacrifices that he has made to help you reach where you are today.

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Father’s day is a very special day for us at Niro fashion. We feel good to know that so many of our customers will be putting a gigantic smile on the face of that one man who has held the fort with unshakable grit. For us it feels like we are enabling you to show your love to a real warrior, a champion in whose arms you have always felt safe.

Fathers greatly appreciate and cherish even the smallest gestures of love because that is all that matters to them. Waking up to a box that is gift wrapped and complimented with a card that says ‘I love you dad’ is going to move this great warrior to tears and this is a moment that both you and he are going to remember forever. Lovely isn’t it?

You can make this moment more delightful with a thoughtful gift for your dad. If you are wondering what would really fill his heart with joy, you can take the logical route with figuring out what to gift for him. You could choose the practical approach by buying him something that he would use frequently. By doing so you can witness first-hand how much he loves it when he is using it throughout the year. Likewise, you can try and up your game a little bit by giving him something that will be etched in his memory for good.

If your dad is still young at heart and likes to rock his fashion, try and blow his mind with a pair of authentic selvedge denim jeans. He will know the intentions behind it, it was his generation that wore it as a staple first, after all. Gift him one from RMC Jeans, preferably ORJ 1001, and let the sheer elegance and quality of the jeans touch his heart. If you want to take it a step further, you could compliment them with a nice leather wallet as well. He is going to remember you with every compliment that he would get!

Cufflinks, a designer silk tie or even a nice shirt from Armani, Hugo Boss or Versace are highly recommended gifts for dads who love the ‘businessman’ look. It is going to show him that you know and appreciate that he is a man of finesse. By choosing to gift him something that flatters his formal fashion, you might just end up zapping him, as well!  An Armani made apparel or an accessory is known to have such an effect.
Gifts for Father's Day
There are plenty of options for you to choose from, this father’s day, in our accessories section. Go on, because you know he is worth it!