Rugged Excellence of Carpenter Boots

Work Boots from Lone wolfClassic styles are the latest new trend and one simply cannot get enough of them. Old styles are making their way back into circulation. Styles from the 80s to the vintage goodness of the 40s and the 50s are back. This goes to show that back in the day, there were some serious styles that were so good and effective that, today’s youth, still want to give it a try. Clearly, it is safe to conclude that some styles of the bygone era were so good that one simply cannot escape the nostalgia. Vintage cut denim jeans, leather jackets, souvenir jackets, slim fit denim jeans, the cream of the goodness of the past has found its way back into our lives. Great news indeed!

There is something so good about the rugged look, which simply does not escape the attention of people, men and women alike. Everyone loves a tough looking guy, and the past is testament to the fact that the working class hero attire of the 50s is what has gone on, to become a classic. Look at denim jeans for example. They were initially created to be a tough workhorse clothing material for miners!
Most clothing styles that are classics now, loved and revered for just how phenomenally great they make the human body look, have come from the United States. This country has given the world a lot of fashion that is immortal. A fine example of such a classic style, are work boots. Engineer and Carpenter boots were used predominantly by American workers in the 1950s.The need of the hour and the nature of the work available to the men of that era, required some durable footwear and guess what, because they were made to be durable they ended up looking that good. Built to last, there were no questions raised about their quality.

Work Boots from Lone Wolf

The collection of boots by Lone Wolf, captures the essence of these tough, durable yet spectacularly good looking boots, really well. One good look at them will leave you craving for them. The level of detail and the styling on them are so good that they look like, they came straight out of a time machine, and from the 50s.The collection includes various styles of carpenter boots and engineer boots. Exclusively hand crafted, Lone Wolf is a company that is basically a family business and its members make these super good looking boots with a lot of passion. They produce these superior quality boots a pair at a time. That is right, they are handmade. As a matter of fact, these shoes are in such demand in Japan, where they come from, that the company gets bookings by customers so they can have a pair crafted for them.

Lone Wolf Boots Thankfully for you, Niro Fashion has stocks of these stupendous hand crafted classics. Exclusively imported, we have the latest collection of Lone wolf boots. They simply are just what you need to complete your outdoor adventurer look. Just think about how awesome these boots are going to look with your faded denim jeans and jacket. Gear up for the winter with our collection of Lone Wolf work boots.

The thing about Lone Wolf boots, besides their raw rugged goodness is that they sell out very soon and are infamous for being sold out, for up to a year. Here is a word of advice from us, NEVER hesitate to pick up a pair of these Lone Wolf shoes, you may very well end up losing almost a year of your life, waiting for them to be back in stock. Go on and complete your ‘The wild one’ look now.


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