Clothing and attire is often considered to be the projection of one’s personality. Being gauged from the attire we sport, comes from years of established social conventions that have now become a norm. These norms are what dictate the basic requirement for dressing, say for example, at a work place. Attire is one of the basic things that help make an impression on a certain person, its impact can be realized, in the case of job interviews. Projection, is the key here. Believe it or not, before even words are exchanged in the room, the way you dress can convey a lot about you and you personality, hence profoundly impacting the decision of whether you are the right candidate for the requisition, or not.

Put quite simply, the attire you wear, conveys to the interviewer of your familiarity of the company and the nature of the industry, this particular organization belongs to. Yes, such deep is the impact of attire! Although with the advent and the fantastic growth of the information technology industry, things have taken a rather casual approach, scoring vital points with your attire, remains a reality and attire matters, very much so!

Made to measure suits

It all basically begins with the expectations of the person who shall be presiding over your interview. The person may eventually be your boss or may even be the manager your boss reports to. Because they have expectations of the kind of personality they are looking for in a person, they are constantly judging your character and your persona. Make no mistake, if you are going to be a manager in the future, you would be doing the exact same thing, because it is going to be your responsibility to be able to pick out a great candidate who shall stay for many years with the organization. This is just the way things are little signs of who you really are and the way you think, process information and conduct yourself, it is, indeed, all about projection!

Before you begin to dress up for an interview, it is of utmost importance to know the nature of the industry. The prevalent dress code and the nature of the environment you will be working in. This way you can show the interviewer what a great fit you are to the place you are trying to get into.

The safest option would be to go conservative. Nothing too flashy or colourful. A dark coloured custom made suit with light coloured shirts that match the colour of the jacket and dark dress socks and you are in contention for making your first best impression. It is of utmost importance that the clothes you wear are made for your body, because in the middle of an interview if you start feeling uncomfortable, that shall hinder your thought process. It may lead to you making silly mistakes, which is eventually going to cost you the job. Investing in a well fitted bespoke suit is the most honest piece of advice we shall ever give to a gentleman, at Niro Fashion.

Bespoke suit from Niro FashionTop this off with a neat haircut and a shave along with clean and neatly polished shoes and you will instantly convey attention to detail, commitment to the responsibility that lies ahead of you and most important of all, a hunger for excellence.

It is a tough and competitive world out there and you ought to do anything that gives you an edge over the competition to secure yourself that opportunity which may take you places in your life. If investing in a made to measure suit can do it, then the logical choice is to reach out to us, now, so we can assist in helping you make an impression that they simply will not be able to ignore!