5 Iconic Jeans Sported by Memorable Characters

Who can undermine the importance of one of the most fashionable trousers of this century! We’re talking about jeans here that are rugged, casual, durable, protective, trendy, and whatnot. Invented by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871, jeans were originally designed for miners and cowboys. But who knew that jeans would become popular to the extent of being synonymous with informal attire! Jeans have been in fashion for the last 2 centuries are still in fashion and most certainly will be in fashion in the upcoming decades. We’re not saying this without examples. Let’s observe a number of personalities who sported these evergreen jeans and set trends.

James Dean in a rugged pair of Jeans1.    James Dean as Jim Stark – James was most probably one of the first Hollywood celebrities donning jeans in the movie ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. His character was a rebellious and outspoken one which very well gelled with the pair of jeans he wore in the movie. Lee 101 Riders jeans became an instant hit amongst the youngsters. 1950 was a time of slight rebellion in United States and the movie paved the way of showing it off by the means of jeans.

Nick Kamen in Levi Strauss Commercial2.    Nick Kamen – Next comes the sensational advertisement by the company Levi Strauss which patented jeans in 1873. Nick Kamen, a gorgeous model wittingly and sexually demonstrated washing the stonewashed jeans in a laundry. In the advertisement, he comes to a laundry, undresses, leaving himself in white boxers. He puts his jeans in the laundry with some stones; to get a so-called stonewashed effect on his jeans. This advertisement was an instant hit, helping Levi Strauss become an iconic status in UK.  Get the look with these Levis 501 Denim Jeans.

Levis 501 Washed Jeans

Steve McQueen as Junior 'JR' Bonner3.    Steve McQueen as Junior ‘JR’ Bonner – Another movie which set a fashion-trend was ‘Junior Bonner’. Steve McQueen played the role of a cowboy returning to his home-town and getting his family their fair share; despite the fact that he had to ride an ornery bull for that purpose. His denim attire went very well with the cowboy role. The Lee jeans he wore in that movie accompanied him in the bull ride as well as the physical pain and isolation at the end of the movie.Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke

4.    Paul Newman as Luke – Paul played the role of a prisoner in the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’. Staying in prison involved lots of sweat, hard work and not-washing-clothes-very-frequently. The pair of jeans which Paul wore in the movie were cool with all of the prison’s characteristics. This Oscar winning movie set a trend of wearing jeans in 1967.

5.    John Travolta as Bud – Another cowboy movie which spoke for jeans was ‘Urban Cowboy’. John’s character in the movie believed in traditional gender roles than freedom i.e. woman should not ride a mechanical bull etc. The lean denim jeans he sported in the movie aligned well with his masculine thought process. Be it the Texas two-step dance or the ride of the mechanical bull, his attire was just perfect. Get the look with these Indigo Denim Jeans.

John Travolta in Urban Cowboy
To conclude, mens denim jeans have been demonstrating the casual, worn-out, rugged, tough looks, which memorable characters then, and anyone across the globe now, would love showing-off.




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