Let’s Have a Ball

Made to Measure Suit for Ball Dance parties are a classic social activity that have stood the test of time. A formal dance party or ‘Ball’ is so deeply embedded into human history and etymology that we still use the expression, ‘to have a Ball’, when we speak about an absolute fun time. It was and still is a great way to socialize and to meet new people and more often than not, many men have met their soulmates in such a scenario.

To enjoy a great evening and dancing the night away is the ultimate tale of, excitement, passion and love. Even in the best fairy tale ever told, the story of Cinderella, a dance party is involved, which just goes to show how perfect a situation a Ball is, for two people to meet, who otherwise would have had no chance of stumbling into each other. While the story of Cinderella is just a fairy tale, the possibilities of meeting that someone special who may change your life for the best are very real. Such is the charm of the possibilities of a dance party. No wonder they were so popular back in the day.

Even today, despite the world around us having changed, the charm and the sheer brilliance of the occasion of a ball remains unchanged. They remain as popular as ever because it is a joyous occasion where everyone, especially the ladies, are looking so beautiful. Looking your best for a formal event like a Ball is the key. Perfecting the quintessential gentleman look is what is expected of every man at a party. While dressing up for the ball itself is quite simple, it is getting the details right, that needs some work.

Bespoke Suit for BallGetting the fit right is a basic requirement. It is always best for you to get yourself a bespoke suit that fits perfectly. A suit that accentuates your physique will always have appreciating and admiring eyes checking you out. A tuxedo is the best choice of wear, since they look so grand. A tuxedo shirt or a dress shirt is a must if you have to get the look perfect, down to the last detail. If the shirt happens to be too large, you can simply end up ruining your look. Get a shirt that settles well inside your tuxedo to ensure that you stay comfortable and confident as well. It is always preferable to wear a dark coloured outfit so that the colour of your attire remains neutral. The bow tie look conveys class and is a refreshing change to the usual tie. Complete the look with a set of well-polished black leather shoes.

Now that you have the look ready, it is time to focus on the details. A great set of accessories can help set you apart from the other men at the occasion. From pocket squares to cufflinks and watches, there are a lot of things you can focus on. Pocket squares with solid colours are largely popular, but if you want to jazz things up, printed squares do the job really well too.  Ensure that your pocket square is monochrome with your custom made suit or tuxedo.

Top up your looks with the best of your manners and etiquette, which needless to say are actually what truly make a gentleman and you are in for a memorable night. We at Niro Fashion are devoted to make you the talk of the town, on your next ball!