Top 6 Gifts for Him for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is symbolic of eternal love, passion and all things good between two people. It is a special day where the convention of gift giving holds special precedence which is exactly what makes a Valentine’s Day gift extra special!

For all the ladies looking to create an unforgettable memory on Valentine’s Day by giving your man a superb gift, we have some great ideas in store for you. An apparel as a gift goes a long way in showing commitment and care. Most importantly, it will show that you know of his taste in fashion which helps in strengthening that bond you already share with him.

So here are top six gift ideas for him that you can use to create an absolute sensation this year:

Sugarcane Leather JacketLeather Jacket: For outdoor men especially biker boys, a leather jacket is a wonderful gift idea. You should try giving him one from our leather jacket collection from RMC Jeans or one from Sugarcane and we absolutely guarantee that it is going to leave him flustered for thoughts and thankful at the same time for having a lady like you in his life. Your fine taste in fashion will get you lots of brownie points for years to come.

Shoes/Boots: Footwear can make or break a man’s fashion. A great combination of clothing can be ruined with the wrong kind of footwear. The gift of a great pair of shoes can be a very practical gift which he can use on a regular basis. Depending on his taste in clothing you could choose between a pair of sneakers from Armani Jeans or Android Homme, or take a look at some of the rugged looking options from Lone Wolf. Alternatively, you could also choose to give him a pair of formal shoes which will show him that you are a woman who pays attention to detail, just like he does.

Suit/Tuxedo: There are many great bespoke suit services around, like ours for example! All we require are body size measurements in person or via SKYPE and we will take care of the rest. A suit indeed is a classy gift which lies on the same grand scale as buying a new car for example, but at a significantly lesser price. If your man is the kind who enjoys and appreciates the majesty of a bespoke suit or a tuxedo, you can make this year extra special for him. You should reach out to us now and let us show you what an absolutely brilliant idea this is! We deliver your bespoke suit anywhere in the world in less than 99 hours and anywhere in the UK within 36-48 hours of placing the order.

Regular fit jeans by ArmaniJeans: Evergreen, fun and absolutely sexy we believe that a pair of jeans are the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you pick up a pair of regular fit jeans with a great fade. Better yet, try giving him a pair of the embroidered awesomeness from Yoropiko, you will not regret it. Browse through selvedge denims from Armani, Ijin, Sugarcane, RMC Jeans, Hugo Boss Black, and many more.

Shirt: A shirt is a very safe, simple and effective gift option. Solid coloured shirts are the most versatile of them all, given how they can work with jeans, formal trousers, chinos and cotton trousers. If you are looking for a way to show him your love, then a shirt is a classic and a very humble way of getting straight to the point.

Knitwear: Winter is still not over and the air is still cold. Knitwear makes perfect sense in such a situation. Check out our collection of knitted jumpers and pullovers from the likes of Armani jeans Ijin, Scotch and Soda. From plain knits to graphic ones, these knitted jumpers are going to keep him warm and thinking about you every time he is wearing it during the winter.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!