Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day OffersLadies in the house, today we would like to have a heart to heart with you, no pun intended. Do you know how it is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, there is another secret way to your man’s heart and that is through his fashion. Men do love technology and automobiles but clothes hold a special place in our hearts and a stylish garment is a sure shot way to get to your man’s heart.

At Niro Fashion, we are currently locked and loaded with the most updated and diverse collection of men’s clothing and this could not come at a better time. You already know that he has something really good planned for you this Valentine’s Day and we think that we can help you return the favour, in a very grand and a glamorous manner. By gifting your man a superb piece of apparel from our collection, you not only get to see his smile light up when he receives it from you, but you are going to get to see this smile for the rest of the year when he gets compliments for it, whenever he is wearing it. A wonderful proposition isn’t it?

Black Leather Jacker from RMC JeansThis year go flat out and absolutely floor him with some of the best picks from our collection. If he is an outdoor kind of a guy who is into sports and has been working all year long to stay in shape, show him that you noticed it with a pair of slim fit jeans from Stone Island, Hugo Boss black or Armani Jeans. Slim fit jeans were in trend all year long in 2016 and this year is going to be all about them as well. Do throw in a pair of sneakers with the jeans from our blockbuster collection featuring, Hugo Boss Green, Pantofola’Doro and Android Homme, just to mention a few. Alternatively, you could go for the fool proof combination of a slim fit T-shirt and a nice jacket. Nothing makes a man feel as confident as being dressed in a hot jacket. If you are looking to get that huge bear hug, filled with an overdose of gratitude and affection, nail it with our selection of biker jackets from RMC Jeans. You’re welcome!

Black Leather Trainers by Android HommeOur speciality is that we are good at dressing men with different tastes in fashion and we are well equipped to handle the needs of a perfectionist. For the man who needs to suit up and shine in smart clothing, the collection of shirts from Carhartt, Scotch and Soda, Sugar cane and especially, the sublime goodness of Versace should do the trick. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the lace up shoes from Hugo Boss black. Very few things say “I love you” to a man who has an excellent taste in formal clothing like a pair of flawless shoes crafted from the finest leather in the world.

A gift which flatters an individual’s personality signifies care, commitment and passion, not to forget the thoughtfulness it also shows. Your search for a great gift idea for your man has essentially ended, welcome to the world of well-dressed men, welcome to Niro Fashion! We hope you make the most of our Valentine’s Day sale beginning from the 6th February through the 19th. We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!