Warm Puffs, Ideal Winter Wear

RMC Varsity Baseball JacketThe 90s hip hop era is still considered to be a golden time for mainstream rap music. There was so much quality around at that time, just ask the 90s kids and they will tell you. But besides great music, the hip hop era also gave us some superb fashion items. No, we are not talking about hoodies and baggy jeans here, there is one other iconic piece of menswear that was hot stuff back then. We are talking about the down jacket, more popularly called the puffer jacket. The fans of Notorious B.I.G And Wyclef Jean know just what we are talking about! Although created in the late 1930s to be an effective apparel to help protect against hypothermia, it never really became a mainstream fashion item until the decade before the millennium.

Musashi and Giant Panda Fully Reversible by SUGAR CANEThe down jackets claim to fame is not just being one of the coolest jackets in hip hop history, but its practicality. Although the latter can’t hold a candle to the influence of its place in hip hop culture, it is definitely an effective piece of clothing. To the amount of insulation it offers and to how much it weighs, the puffer simply has no competition. After lying dormant for a considerable amount of time after the 90s, it is slowly making its way back onto the streets again. The puffer really hasn’t been much of a high fashion item per se, but it can be quite an effective piece of clothing for when winter kicks in. Figuring out some great style combinations with the puffer is really easy. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that it can truly fight the weather. There are some great options out there, the most popular ones being the Descente jacket. Once you have got the practical stuff out of the way you can get cracking.

One effective and good looking style that you could start off with is by pairing your puffer with a high collar knitted pullover. Puffers tend to impart a certain amount of bulk to your silhouette which the high collar knit can easily reduce by taking people’s attention from it. This look can be finished with slim fit denim jeans on chino trousers and you are ready to step out in style. Stick with classic colors like black, khaki or brown and match them with boots or casual shoes and prepare to kick back and enjoy the winter.

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Expand your sartorial horizons buy incorporating the puffer in to your office wear as well. It may look out of place initially, but trust us, this is a novel way of doing something different this winter. Go ahead and pair it up with your suit in tones of blues, grey, black and beige and you have instantly unlocked newer dimensions in your formal and semi-formal fashion. The puffer jacket over the high collar knitwear look also works with smart casuals as well.

There is simply way too much that the puffer has to offer to your daily fashion while it does a phenomenal job of keeping you warm and cozy. We strongly believe that it is an absolute fashion essential that deserves a sure place in your wardrobe. Practicality and great fashion do go hand in hand. Time to enjoy the warm puffs already!