2017 Fashion Essentials for Men

Mens oxford shirtWelcome to the year 2017!

Understandably, for the fashion savvy person, the first month of the year can be a busy time, wondering what trend is going to make waves this year. It is all about looking the best and different for you, if you are fashion conscious. But think about it, when you do gear up to satisfy your thirst for shopping for some new threads, wouldn’t it be better if you let this year be all about classics? You will have some absolute essentials in your wardrobe and you don’t need to indulge in the discomfort of experimentation, it’s straightforward and simple, a fail proof approach to style. So what should you look to add to your wardrobe this year? Fasten your seat belts as we look at the top ten fashion essentials you should add to your wardrobe for 2017, to get a solid head start.

Versace leather jacket

  • Black leather jacket: While a lot of people think that a leather jacket is clichéd, we would like to stand our ground and sat that this is a fashion essential that is hot, even today! Wear them with faded jeans and prepare to rock your audience. A Sugarcane leather jacket is a great place to start.


  • Pain White T Shirt: Rock that James dean and Marlon Brando look from the 1950s. A white t shirt can also help you come up with some great combinations for your casual fashion as a layer to wear underneath jackets and coats.


  • Black Jeans: By this we mean a clean and neat set of denim jeans with no fades, tears and distress. A good pair of denim jeans in black colour will help you bridge the gap between being dressed up and casual. Versatility is what you are going for, with them.


  • Solid oxford shirt: Simple yet elegant at the same time, you can wear a plain oxford shirt on its own or under a leather jacket or a blazer. Another essential that will give you a lot of leverage in the versatility department.


  • Lace up leather boots: The total number of style combinations that you can come up with lace up leather boots are simply too many. The thing about them is that the older they get the better they look, so this one is for many years to come. Check out Lone Wolf boots from our collection of footwear, you will not regret it.


  • Denim Jacket: A time tested, vintage look, the denim jacket will have that rugged look going on in your casual fashion in no time. The collection of aged Sugar Cane denim jackets is just what you are looking for.


  • White canvas sneakers: A lot of styles that have been a thing of the past are making a comeback and a pair of white canvas sneakers works well with all of them. A cost effective and a sure fire way of giving your casual fashion some depth.


  • Chinos: The perfect choice for you to introduce some variety into your streetwear without having to resort to the use of denim jeans all the time. Chinos also double up well as bottoms for that smart casual look that is picking up fast. Make sure you go for slim fit trousers.


  • Cashmere Knitwear: There is still a nip in the air. A luxurious sweater made of cashmere is going to keep you pampered all through the cold. It is a minimalistic approach to looking good and staying warm.


  • A blazer, preferably in navy blue: You never know when you need it. We at Niro Fashion think every man needs one. Perfect for those events from office. Stay on your toes and make a great impression with the office crowd.Vintage Denim jacket





Put your best foot forward, this year!