Dress like an Alpha Male at Work

Mens Neck TieA lot of young men have a habit of undermining the importance of attire. In school or college things are different and you can get away with a lot of mistakes. Some of the weirdest outfits can actually end up becoming noteworthy trends, but this is limited to the campus of your school or college only! When you transition from your academic life into a professional environment, you will have no idea what took you by storm if you are not careful. In order to be a professional and a good one at that, you need to understand the importance of a great first impression. Make no mistake, there is no alternative to this and making a great first impression has advantages so profound that it may actually end up paving the way for success in your career sometime in the future. A professional environment is an unforgiving place. It is simply too fast paced to tolerate mistakes, you already know this. Being taken seriously and having a reputation of making a great case at your workplace is vital to the growth of your career. All of these can go smoothly for you if you master the art of attire. So here are our style tips for young budding professionals out there.

Mens Formal Shoes

  • Dress to Look Older: Do not be surprised take our word for it and you can thank us later, maturity is key if you want to be noted and taken seriously at your workplace. By dressing and looking like a seasoned professional you are bound to put yourself at an advantage. If you are looking to be treated like a man and not just some other new kid at the office you need to lose your ultra-casual approach to clothing, which means no more t-shirts, cargo trousers and faded jeans even on casual Fridays!


  • The Right Footwear: While you are trying to get the hang of formal shirts, their patterns and how ties work with them, do not forget to buy a pair or two of shoes that work flawlessly for five days a week. You do not want all the hard work that you put into your attire let down by shoes that are not up to the mark now, would you?


  • Suit Up: You may not need to wear one on a regular basis when you have just started out, but you never know when you will need one. When you get the opportunity to wear one, if you make the most of it then nothing conveys commitment like your eagerness to be well dressed for the right moment at the right time. Be ready to suit up anytime with a bespoke suit!

Mens Polo Shirts

  • Denims and polos: While we would essentially encourage you to keep your hands full with formal fashion, gaining an understanding of how to work with smart casuals can be advantageous as well. Smart casuals are a widely accepted trend in a business environment and learning how to work with polo shirts, clean dark denim jeans with no fades and distresses will help you explore variety, in the best way possible.


  • Taking Care of your Clothing: There is absolutely no substitute for the quality of clothes that have a high price tag and if you are going to make a long lasting impression we encourage you to put your money down on premium clothing. This also means that you should make a commitment to take good care of them. If you don’t, attire budget will start burning a huge hole in your pocket


Go on, dress like an alpha male at work!