Gear Up for the Summer with Polo Shirts

PolosWith winter almost at an end, it is time to load up on clothes for the warmer weather. This means shopping for short sleeve shirts, shorts and of course short sleeve t-shirts. While you are at it, we would highly recommend loading up on stocks of polo shirts as well. We absolutely adore the polo shirt and think that everyone should have at least half-a-dozen at every given point of time in their wardrobe. There are very few things that are as versatile as a polo shirt which makes it a very resourceful apparel. With just one, you can have so many combinations which is exactly why a polo shirt ranks high in the list of clothes in your wardrobe which return the best value for money.

A polo shirt is a great way to achieve a superb look with minimal effort, but you can only do this when you wear one in the right way. This simple and laidback look goes a long way in giving your fashion the essential mileage that it requires. Polos work flawlessly with a wide variety of shoes, trousers and jackets. So how do you wear one? The thing is, polos when used as a standalone apparel can be very plain and any styling mistakes that you may make will get highlighted. The best way to start off styling polos is by using them as layers.
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Got a pair of jeans that you absolutely adore? Are they a slim fit? Perfect, this is all you need to get those gears in your brain working to get the hang of polos. There is a high chance that your favourite pair of jeans are either Indigo blue or black in colour, if this is the case, throw on a plain white polo with a neutral coloured blazer like a grey one for example and finish this look with a pair of brown coloured Chelsea boots and voila, you are rocking the smart casuals look. You can dress this combination up or down, as per the requirement to come up with a variety of casual smart and smart casual ensembles. This inherent nature of a polo shirt to work with jeans, dress pants and chinos with the same effectiveness is exactly why you should experiment with polo shirts this spring and summer.

Mens White Polo Shirt

What we personally like about polo shirts is the fact that you don’t need to buy any new pieces of apparel to work with them. Almost all of your trousers and jackets will work flawlessly with polo shirts, once you have managed to pick the right colour of polo. Just like blazers and a polo can light up the smart casuals look, dressing this combination down with a bomber jacket will give you an attractive casual look. This is perfect for the weekends and the clubbing nights. Work to understand what colour of polo works with the different kind of trousers and you will have come a long way in mastering it.
Make polo shirts a fashion essential because they are basically a gentleman’s t shirt and the amount of finesse and magnificence they add to your fashion is vast. Add some polo charm to your wardrobe today!