The Biker Look

leather jacket for men“Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul”, for an automobile enthusiast these words truly mean something. These are words fuelled by passion. Everything associated with motorcycles is full of emotions because of this passion with which this culture is represented by. There is an air of glamour and enigma that always surrounds the biker culture in every country and being one is the quintessential ‘cool’ thing that you could possibly do and things have been this way since these two-wheeled contraptions began to look better and roll faster.

The look of a biker is something that every man on the planet loves to associate himself with and it has an equally strong reaction from the fairer sex as well. When we talk about the looks of a biker, the iconic leather jacket is what hogs the limelight. It took two men to make this look immortal, Irving Schott, the man who created the leather biker jacket and Marlon Brando, the man who wore it on the silver screen for the first time in his movie ‘The Wild one’. Since then the image of Marlon’s character roaring around on his motorcycle has been etched into the memories of people all over the world.

mens Black leather jacketNot every man is a biker, but almost all men love the biker jacket and today we are going to talk about this look in more detail. Numerous styles of the leather jacket have been created since the time ‘The perfecto’, the jacket from the movie was created by Schott, but almost all of them carry that irresistible charm of the original one. Leather jackets are simply way too good looking to be ignored. We firmly believe that a leather jacket is a fashion essential and every man should own one. Besides their magnetic appearance they are durable practical and well worth what they cost and getting started with them is easy and effortless.

The classic leather jacket over plain white t shirt is an immortal look that has made many men look great and this is what you should start with. The black leather jacket from our collection from RMC Jeans will get you up to speed in no time with this look. You can also try some variations with the colour, texture and various styles to really get the hang of it. Brown, grey and blue coloured leather jackets will let you find your own style. Try them with slim fit denim jeans in black navy blue and light blue to begin experimenting with this look, rest assured it is going to help you achieve that same masculine charm that is voted unanimously in every corner of the world.

Try on a combination of casual shirts long sleeve t shirts and knitwear under your leather jacket and see how well you are doing based on the reactions that you are going to get from people around you. With time, you will begin to work with this easy and effective casual look with elegance. It is a look that makes a powerful style statement and conveys confidence and a free-spirited outlook towards life.

Add the charm of the biker life to your casual fashion it is a look that you are going to love.