Come Get Them RMC Jeans

RMC Jeans with Sengoku PocketsRed Monkey Jeans with EmboideredDistressed denim jeans and vintage styled denim jeans are the hottest new trends that are currently making waves all over the world. It turns out that the appeal of denim jeans from the time they were first made back in the 1950s has not lost its shine, even a little. This basically is proof of how and why denim jeans have managed to stay evergreen for close to a century now! But there is one other trend in the world of denim jeans that has a huge following. We are talking about embroidered jeans and the magic that they added to the equation of denim trousers.

If there is a name that would pop into your head the very moment you listen to the words ‘embroidery’ and ‘denim jeans’ in the same sentence, then it simply has to be RMC jeans. A design outfit that hails from Hong Kong, RMC jeans have given the world of men’s fashion some memorable trends and designs. As a matter of fact, with their intricate and eye-catching embroidery the people at RMC have managed to create a trend of their own. But RMC Jeans and their products are not just about embroidered artwork, they stand for passion, commitment, innovation and a need to be unique. The brainchild of renowned designer Martin Ksohoh, there is a unique design philosophy behind all of the designs brought into the market by RMC Jeans. The incredibly beautiful artwork, along with the authentic execution of style and design has given the unique fashion house the recognition and a huge fan following over the years.

RMC Jeans with Dragon EmbroideryAnother unique attribute about denims from RMC Jeans is that they are made from raw selvedge denim. They are crafted using painstakingly extensive, but original manufacturing techniques that were employed when denim jeans were made back in the 1950s. This sublime culmination of the authentic manufacturing processes, vintage style and ultra-awesome embroidery artwork makes it a one of a kind product. The good news is we have the best of stocks from RMC Jeans at Niro Fashion and wait for it, we have a few of them on 25% discount for a limited period!

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From the authentic vintage style in the embroidery that draws in spiration from Japanese culture and the choice of the fabric itself, everything about the denim jeans are high quality just like the loyal fans of RMC jeans love it. The company lives by the motto, ‘You never try you never know’ and we strongly endorse this at Niro Fashion. You should never leave things to chance and you should never walk away from trying, at the very least. Try the sale now, while stocks last, gents!