Talk About Fashion Essentials

There are two main aspects that make up the secret to being a well-dressed man. The first one is largely personal. It requires you to understand what kind of clothing flatters your body the best. It entails the knowledge of utilizing colour combinations, patterns and accessories. The second one is all about outfitting your wardrobe with the right kind of clothes. Maintaining an impeccable wardrobe that comprises of everything that you could possibly need makes up the second half of the secret to dressing well. For this you need to consider what clothes you wear frequently, the dress code that is currently required at your office and lastly what clothes provide you the balance of great looks and comfort when you are at your leisure.checked shirt for men

Today we have decided to take the liberty of compiling a list of fashion essentials, one that covers every possible aspect of dressing to look great. You won’t need to sit back and think about what to wear for an occasion, you can simply get dressed impulsively and step out, knowing that you look great in what you are wearing.

  • White Shirt and T shirt: The plain white shirt brings out the best of your masculinity. It is a proven fact that women indeed find men dressed in a plain white shirt extremely attractive. This is especially in the case of the plain white crew neck t-shirt. Both of these items are an absolute essential because they seem to have the exact same effect to the onlooker. The only difference between them being in the dressing scenarios that they work their best at. Plain and neat clothing attracts attention to your physique and to the attention to detail that you have given to your attire and this exactly what the white shirt and the crew neck are all about.
  • Checked Shirt: One of the most versatile items on our list today, a good checked shirt works well with casual, smart casuals and formals, equally well. The fact that a single piece of clothing gives you the leverage of multiple-use makes it an important addition to our list, today. Check out our collection of Dolce & Gabbana and Paul Smith shirts for a head start.RMC selvedge denim jeans
  • Sweatshirt: The best way to indulge in some comfort when the temperatures begin to drop, a sweatshirt with denim jeans is almost a match made in heaven. This combination may never go out of fashion and the comfort it gives you may never have a worthy competitor during winter.Knitwear from Giorgio Armani
  • Knitwear Jumper: For the men who like classics, knitwear jumpers are a worthy alternative to sweatshirts. Pair them up with denim jeans or wear them over a shirt to unleash copious amounts of classic elegance. Our collection of Massimo Osti and Giorgio Armani knitwear will give you a great idea of what we are talking about.
  • Denim Jeans: We are confident that a person who does not adore denim jeans, does not exist on the face of the planet. This automatically makes denim jeans a fashion essential. But the true essence of denim jeans is incomplete without authenticity, so add a pair of selvedge denim jeans from RMC Jeans into your wardrobe today!

Using this list as a reference you can look to get a great start at putting together a comprehensive wardrobe.