Desert Boots from Clarks Originals

Footwear from Clarks OriginalsClarks Originals Desert Boots with Denim JeansWhen we mention names like Levis, Versace, Schott, Ralph Lauren and Nike, we do so with an invisible air of pride and adoration. These names are synonymous with quality and have a huge brand value. This ‘value’ comes from the fact that these names have changed the course of the fashion industry with their products. The extent of their contributions are so paramount that our world would simply not be the same without them. That sense of pride that you feel when you mention these names comes from just that. Every one of the names mentioned above are an absolute legend and what they have given to the course of fashion industry are as significant as the invention of the telephone or the internal combustion engine to technology!

There is one name however, that we th  ink should be mentioned right up there next to some of the celebrated names that we have mentioned. C and J Clark international Ltd., better known simply as Clarks, an outfit with a heritage of over 125 years in making footwear is the pride of UK. They have given the world a monumentally brilliant fashion tid-bit that remains a fashion staple even to this day, a staggering seven decades since the time they were first made! We are talking about desert boots, the most popular choice of footwear second only to sneakers.Desert Boots with Jeans

Desert boots, an important part of menswear today were born out of purpose. The conception of the idea for desert boots can be traced back to Egypt during WWII. The story involves the great grandson of one of the co-founders Nathan Clark, who was inspired to create these iconic set of kicks when he was stationed in Burma with the British army back in the early 1940s. He had seen how off duty officers were walking around in simple boots made of suede leather which they had been buying from a local bazaar because they were so comfortable, lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It did not take long for Nathan to realize the potential that this boot had if it were made from finer materials which is what he did upon his arrival back home.

Desert boots were primarily adopted for their comfort and ease of use, which led to them becoming one of the favourite things of men all over the world. It is not often that we see trends last so long in the world of fashion. Things either evolve or they get replaced. But the desert boots, although a little different from the way they have been made since they first were released to the market in 1949, continue to exuberate that familiar and irreplaceable charm.

It is because of their versatility, simplicity and effectiveness in adding mileage to different dressing scenarios that desert boots are such a phenomenon. Pair them up with your selvedge denim jeans, a blazer and a light t shirt to get a great dig at that smart casual look. You could also try to spice things up with a hoody or bomber to rock that street look, or keep things simple and wear them with polo t shirts and chinos. Whatever you do, they feel right at home and give your ensemble previously unexplored levels of maturity and character.

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