Evisu – A Celebration Called Life

Logo T shirts from EvisuWhile it was the Americans who gave us the beloved denim jeans, it was and still is the Japanese who have preserved the art of making denim jeans in the right way. It is no secret that the traditional methods of weaving denim on the shuttle loom has been taken over by manufacturing techniques involving the projectile loom. Basically in the quest for churning out larger number of denim jeans to fulfil the growing demands for them a compromise was made in the quality of the way denim jeans were made.

Luckily for the world, on the other side of the globe the Japanese, a group of people known for their focus, determination, discipline and quest for perfection have kept the traditional method of manufacturing denim jeans alive. Out of the many denim manufacturing outfits of Japan who take special pride in crafting Denim trousers in the right way, Evisu is one of the biggest names that has cemented its reputation as one of the best makers of authentic selvedge denim jeans.
Evisu denim jeans
Despite knowing and understanding the mod  ern methods of manufacturing, denim jeans are less painstaking and less labour intensive. It is the commitment of Evisu in employing these methods to create the ideal method of manufacturing denim jeans that stands out as absolutely impressive. The Japanese outfit is also known for employing traditional dyeing techniques as well, dyeing the denim fabric with the extract of the indigo plant.

At Niro Fashion, the people who bring the best of men’s fashion to your fingertips, what we find the most impressive about Evisu is not their commitment to maintain authenticity, but their approach to design. We personally enjoy the fact that they have a very distinct and completely unique approach to styling denim jeans. All of Evisu apparel is styled with the signature seagull logo and this comes across as an interesting way to style denim jeans. There are not a lot of denim jeans makers who style jeans with signature artwork and this Japanese design house is one of them.

The gist of the designs from Evisu centres on life itself. The denim jeans, t-shirts and other apparel made by them are styled based on inspirations from popular culture, witty outtakes on the logos of iconic companies and references to various other culture based elements. EVISUZUKI series of T shirts from Evisu

Take for example, the ‘EVISUZUKI’ series of T shirts from Evisu. They are styled after the popular motorsport culture of japan and boy do they look good. Similarly, most of Evisu vintage cut denim jeans are not only manufactured using traditional methods of denim manufacturing, but they are also styled after the authentic workwear style of the 1940s. If there is an entity that takes design to the next level using subtle cues to truly show their consumers of their presence in the market then it has to be Evisu. Every denim head and fashion designer is guaranteed to be mesmerized by the charm of these legends from the land of the rising sun for the simplicity, grandeur and intellect that goes into each of their designs.

Witty, humorous, good looking and incredibly detailed at the same time, Evisu Japan create some of the most iconic and memorable apparel ever. Luckily we have the best of what they have to offer in stock for you! Check out the collection, today!