The Smart Casual Equilibrium

White Shirts for MenOne of the most incredible style statements that you could make with your fashion involves the coming together of apparel that have a stark contrast to each other. These two very popular pieces of men’s clothing were crafted for two very different purposes, yet when they come together, they make for a very sexy look that will get you noticed by the ladies in hardly any time at all. It is almost like how Jack and Rose came together in the movie ‘Titanic’ to be one of the most memorable couples on the silver screen yet!

Denim jeans and the dress shirt usually are worn to different social settings. As a matter of fact, denim jeans are looked down upon at the place where a dress shirt usually makes its style statement. Clearly at the time of their creation, these two pieces of clothing were crafted for two very different purposes, but today, we live in different times. Today is a time of smart casuals where the brilliance of smart fashion and the electrifying ruggedness of casual fashion can come together to dress a man who lives in the era of innovation and technology.

What makes this look possible is the ability of both these pieces of clothing to flatter a man’s physique. A dress shirt offers you a slim fit shape accentuating your upper body. At the same time, very few things can highlight the silhouette of your body like a well fitted pair of denim jeans do. Because of their ability to fit you well, when just the two of them are worn together, the combination results in a very attractive ensemble that never ceases to impress. A simple yet a powerful statement like this combination has to offer you a lot of quotient and we highly recommend that you take a nose dive into exploring this further. Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey of mastering one of the most charismatic smart casual ensemble that you could possibly try.

Mens Striped Shirts

•    Mens Smart Casual ShirtBlue denim and white dress shirt: “Never underestimate the power of white” is a saying that every legendary fashion designer endorses. Despite looking simple, the sheer number of combinations that you could make with them is impressive. The combination of a fantastic white shirt with classic dark indigo denim jeans is a match made in heaven. It is the ultimate dosage of raw appeal that will have people checking you out all day.

•    Back in black: Take the charm of the ensemble mentioned above and imagine its darker twin. That is what you are going to get with this combination. Pick out a pair of black denim jeans from our collection from Armani Jeans, RMC and Sugarcane and match them with a dress shirt of a lighter shade of black or a darker one of navy blue.

•    Striped up: Prints and stripes are one of the most sought after looks when you are ready to suit up. Turns out, that the electrifying flair of prints and stripes equally well with denim jeans and well. Pair them up with a pair of light blue denim jeans and this makes for a relatively casual look.

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