The Turn Up Story

Turning up trousers at the ankles is quite a trend these days. Contrary to popular belief, the turn up did not come into existence because someone decided to fold them because their trousers were too long. As is the case with many trends it was born out of a sense of individuality and the need to look different. ‘Turn ups’ as they are popularly called, work brilliantly with both denim jeans and chino trousers. The core of the turn-up look revolves around the socks and the type of footwear that you are wearing with your trousers.

The turn up is the perfect example of how effective the attention to detail can be in your fashion. At Niro Fashion we personally think that they look the best with denim jeans and chinos that fit the body closely. They are the perfect way for you to let an onlooker focus more on your footwear. While narrow fit trousers take care of this task of accentuating your footwear by themselves, introducing the roll up look into them refines the way they divert attention to your shoes, especially if you are wearing leather boots. There is no better way for you to try and focus on some details of the style on the lower part of your body. While it is not as detailed as working on the choice of clothes themselves, the roll up can be perfected with a few tips. Here are some ideas and styles to help you get started.

The Pin Roll: Ideal for denims that have a relatively eased fit compared to skinny fit ones, the pin roll looks superb especially when you execute it on slim fit jeans with t-shirts. The pin entails the compression of the cuffs of your trousers at the point where the two halves of your denims meet at the stitch that runs the length of the pants and then folding them up with a double roll. The pin roll is a thin fold and gives you an overall great look.


Pin Roll for denim jeans

The Pin Roll

High Roll: The high roll is the classic turn up look. You simply need to make bigger folds and reduce the length of the trousers up to a good solid three centimetres. It looks great with trousers that have a relaxed fit and wider cuffs. Especially with chinos with a relaxed fit, the high roll lets you also show off your socks and lets you pull off the ultra-casual look flawlessly. Use the high roll with some checked shirts, light coloured chino trousers and complete this look with some canvas sneakers.


High Roll for Jeans

The High Roll

Chunky Cuffs: Use two large size folds to give your turn up a special look. This is a look that works especially well with denim jeans crafted from thick fabric. The traditional and the more authentic selvedge denim jeans work well with chunky cuffs. They tend to flatter leather boots, especially high top boots.

Chunky Cuffs for Denims

The Chunky Cuffs

Triple Roll: As the name suggests, the triple roll involves folding the cuffs of your denims three times in thin folds. This is a subtle approach to the turn-up look and is perfect for skinny fit jeans. Because of the slim look of the trousers the subtle but effective triple fold, lets you show off your boots and sneakers when you wear them, especially with skinny fit jeans.


Triple fold denims

The Triple fold