Don’t Like Jeans? No Problem!

Blue Chinos for MenDenim jeans while being an incredibly attractive option for casual wearing are not the ideal go-to choice of every man. Some people consider the style of denim jeans to be more of a hindrance. Starting from finding the right pair of jeans that make you look good, to feeling comfortable and natural in them, a lot of men quite simply are not the denim wearing type at all. Denim jeans, especially the slim and the skinny fit types are at the heights of their popularity at the moment. But you can style up without using them and still manage to look your best. Don’t like denim jeans? No problem!

Take chinos for example, they are the perfect substitute if you find denim jeans to be way too casual for your liking. At the outset, mens chinos can be styled just like denim jeans and they bring the added advantage of colour choices with them. They are stylish, they manage to accentuate your body well and you can dress them up or down according to your liking which makes them extremely versatile. By design, they also feel a lot more comfortable than denim jeans. You can seamlessly combine style and comfort when you choose to throw on some chinos. Wear them with a solid coloured button up shirt and you are instantly ready to rock some smart casual style. You can wear anything ranging from leather loafers, boots and sneakers with this style. Alternatively, you can choose to substitute your shirt with a plain t-shirt or polo shirt as well. If you are a man who is more attracted to the elegance of dressing more than its colourful and youthful side, chino trousers and the combinations that you can make with them will suit your taste perfectly.

Trousers from Scotch and Soda

Traditional men’s pants or trousers were crafted to be a part of a suit in the beginning. Men’s trousers have gone through multiple iterations of design over the years and are gradually suited to smart looks. Although by no means is this a limitation that will stop you from choosing them as an excellent choice of wearing as casuals. Plain and neutral coloured trousers for men, when worn with polo shirts and button down shirts will not only help you stay comfortable but will shower your style with a lot of that classic style from the pre-WW era, when denim jeans didn’t exist. Sticking to the use of trousers will give you a time tested look that simply looks composed and neat. If you find the combination of solid colours too boring, mix and match pants with shirts that are styled with patterns to enjoy that extra touch of flair that patterns tend to bring with them.

Fashion is all about setting new trends and one of the latest trends in the world of casual fashion is  ‘joggers’, perhaps an ideal fit as an alternative to denim jeans. Their ability to keep things casual is the main reason why they are growing in terms of popularity. Joggers are a product of the ‘Athleisure’ trend. They look cool, sporty and are perfect for wearing with t-shirts sweatshirts, hoodies and casual shirts. If you have always enjoyed the carefree nature of denim jeans but wanted something a lot more comfortable and funky, joggers will take care of your styling needs perfectly well.

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