Summertime Denim

denim shorts for menSummer is a wonderful time of the year for dressing up well. You can introduce some brilliant choices of colours into your style. An array of colours looks perfectly natural and appealing but it does not have to be only about t-shirts and shirts. As a matter of fact, if you happen to love your denim apparel as much as we do at Niro Fashion, summer can be loads of fun! It is the perfect time of the year to try some excellent combinations based on denim apparel.

Sure, denim is a thicker fabric compared to the pleasant and luxurious feel of plain old cotton, but you would be surprised at just how much you can achieve by sticking to denim apparel during the summer. They are light and comfortable enough for summertime and bode well as a go-to choice for wearing during the warmer weather. Here are some denim based ideas to spice up your casual fashion:

•    Denim Shorts: The thing about denim shorts is that they can be styled just like denim jeans and are way more comfortable as well. They will impart copious amounts of that familiar appeal to your casual fashion while keeping you comfortable all day long. Take a good look at our collection of denim shorts from RMC Jeans. They are styled with the same radical approach to design as the denim jeans made by the design outfit from Hong Kong. This is going to work perfectly with your t-shirts which we assume is going to be the obvious choice for wearing during the rest of the season.
SugarCane waistcoat
•    Denim Vests: Inspired by the ‘western’ style based in the 1950s United States, denim vests can add a lot of flavour to your style. They are different from denim shirts in the fact that they do not have sleeves. Throw a denim vest on over a plain solid colour t-shirt and you are ready to be part of a relaxing occasion like a house party over at a close friend’s place. Denim vests tend to have that ‘relic’ look that comes with washed denim apparel and this style is certain to be a hit with your friends. You do not have to look any further than our collection of denim vests from Sugarcane to get a load of this attractive style.

•    Denim Jackets: Yes, you read that one correctly! A denim jacket has a place in your wardrobe during summer time, not during the day but at night, after sundown. You can rock that old school look successfully with a denim jacket from Ijin, Sugar Cane, RMC Jeans and Evisu. Being the denim enthusiasts that we are, we make sure that we are always locked and loaded with the best denim clothing, at any given time of the year. Put on one of these jackets and experience first-hand the kind of reactions that you are going to get when you are wearing one.

Denim jacket for men

Going Denim is one of the easiest ways to make your casual fashion look interesting. With a collection of men’s wear such as ours at your fingertips, we highly recommend checking out the goodies that we have in store for you.