The Anachronic Lone Wolf

work boots by Lone Wolf Anachronism is defined as an object that is appropriate to a period other than the one in which it currently exists. In simple words, it is basically an item that is conspicuously old-fashioned. As people who keep stocks of classics of the latest fashion items in men’s fashion and the best of products from some of the biggest names in the world of fashion, at Niro Fashion, we have just the perfect product in our stores that fits the definition of an anachronism. Lone wolf boots although made by a relatively new fashion design house called Sugar Cane and Co, are refreshingly old-fashioned.

There are very few footwear that carry the sublime vintage charm like Lone Wolf boots do. To understand how simply brilliant these boots are, you need to spend time reading about the fashion that was prevalent in the 1950s which was a very unique time. The Second World War had recently ended and the United States had emerged as a global powerhouse. But it was a nation that had sustained significant amount of damage during the course of the Great War and was being rebuilt slowly but steadily. The responsibility of rebuilding the nation was put on the working class men, whose hard working lifestyle created the need for some tough and durable attire. Thus in the 1950s the trend of work wear began and work wear boots became an integral part of this trend.

These type of boots were handmade, tough and were crafted from high-quality leather, some nails and a hammer, by cobblers. They looked so good and rugged that they went on to become a fashion statement till the 1970s. This series of work boots by Lone Wolf are a prime example of a product from this golden era of work wear fashion. The design of Lone Wolf boots is refreshingly American and the uppers of the footwear are beefy in appearance. Exquisitely crafted from steer hide leather, the proprietary leather tanning process, dyeing and stitching techniques employed in the creation of these authentic beauties makes them a work of art that can withstand almost any weather conditions. Besides being made so well these boots come in a vast variety of colours styles and materials. From their signature hunter boots to their carpenter boots, we have them all in stock. What’s more since denim jeans once were a type of work wear too, they work flawlessly with denim jeans and are certain to add copious amounts of masculine charm to your casual fashion.

Lone Wolf boots are sturdy, rugged looking, stylish and absolutely sexy at the same time. The sheer good looks of these boots and the appeal they impart to your casual fashion makes them a fashion essential. Built like a tank, loaded with the sheer good looks of a classic sports car and made with practicality in mind, the Lone Wolf collection of boots is a purchase that you will not regret making. Investing on one great pair of shoes over multiple pairs of shoes with a mediocre quality is a tip that we have always recommended and there simply could not be a better set of shoes to add to your wardrobe than our collection of Lone Wolf boots.
Lone Wolf boots
Sugar cane and Co is very well known for a lot of innovative trends and with the Lone Wolf work boots collection they have single-handedly given the world a trend whose elegance knows no bounds!