Style Tips for Skinny Men

Bespoke Suits for MenThe general notion about skinny and tall men is that they can wear whatever they want and still be able to pull it off. This is true, well to a certain extent. The fact of the matter is that skinny men definitely do look more attractive than a man who has been packing some holiday weight. The slender frame, height and most importantly their muscle tone makes a wide variety of clothes available to them. This is the main reason why it is widely accepted that they can pretty much pull off anything in the men’s clothing department. But knowing how to dress for your body type, especially if you are skinny can be largely advantageous.

The first biggest advantage if you are skinny as we have already mentioned is the variety of clothes that are available at your disposal. But here is the thing, should you decide to stick to slim fit tailoring, it will give you the appearance of a more customised fitting. Moreover, if you happen to be more on the slim side and less on the skinny side, your body is very close to the ideal body type that looks attractive when accentuated with tight fitting clothing. The biggest and the most common mistake that skinny men usually make while dressing up for a formal occasion is to make a compromise on fit and opting to go for off the shelf items. If you decide to take the help of a tailor or an experienced bespoke suit service, then you are guaranteed to be surprised at the result. Don’t believe it? Give our bespoke suit services try!Sweatshirts for Men from Versace

Another helpful tip that is going to help get your physique noticed is to layer up. Winter time is perfect to try this out. Usually, people tend to put on a thick and a comfy jacket as soon as the mercury begins to take a nosedive. But by layering up you are going for that classic and quintessential gentleman look. Knitwear and jumpers over a shirt and a bomber jacket on top, over a pair of magnificent slim fit jeans and boots is going to get the ladies checking you out in a heartbeat!  Although practical during the winter, layering up does not have to be limited only for the winter. In the warmer weather you can wear a crew neck T-shirt underneath an Oxford shirt. A plain white T-shirt under a Denim shirt is also an interesting combination. There simply are so many combinations you can try with layering up. Our collection of denim jeans from Armani jeans, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Massimo Osti, or Versace pullovers, can help you get started. Check them out now.
Mens Denim Jeans
Lastly, skinny jeans, stay away from them! The key is to get that appealing fit, but going too far with it will only end up highlighting your frame. Wearing baggy clothes in a bid to ‘look bigger’ is a common mistake that skinny men should avoid. Similarly, going with super skinny jeans you can have the exact opposite negative effect of wearing baggy clothes, embrace slim fit denim jeans instead. Your trousers, denim or chinos must have enough room to give you a naturally appealing look.

Happy dressing!