Here Comes the Fall

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With the sun officially having set on summer and with Halloween being done and dusted, it is time to get ready, yes cold weather is coming. Well it is not just the cold that we all need to prepare for, the unpredictable drizzles and fluctuating temperature are coming too. As the Mercury dips and the nip in the air starts to become colder the need to break out warm clothing is upon us all. It is now officially the season for woolen coats, sweaters, snug socks, sweatshirts and knitwear.
In our humble opinion casual fashion has always been easier in the sense that it is quite forgiving. Small mistakes and the occasional goof up will end up being nothing more than a tale that makes for a good laugh when you are catching up with your friends. That is not the case at all in the professional environment where dressing places a huge role in the way you are perceived. We strongly believe that even if you are not elated about dressing well there are a lot of resources that make the task absolutely simple, so with every opportunity that you get to make a lasting impression with your dressing you need to jump at it with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning ready to open gifts. Formal fashion becomes a lot easier to work with especially during the winter when basically all you need to do is to wear something warm and comfortable. So why don’t we take a look at some absolute essentials for the winter that can help you get noticed in the workplace.

There is absolutely nothing that makes a smashing impression like a good blazer. It is an apparel that gives copious amounts of character to any gentleman’s dress. Get a well-tailored woolen blazer that fits you like a glove, preferably in a dark tone of blue and we promise you that you are going to go through the rest of the year feeling like a brand new Aston Martin, especially should you decide to go with the services of a well-known bespoke suit service like us at Niro Fashion for example! A blazer or two in your wardrobe is half the battle given the number of combinations that you can make with them. Since every good blazer needs a shirt that accentuates it well and by going with one that has a modern update, you are certain to stand out especially in a crowd of white button down shirts around you. A good slim fit dark coloured shirt is going to look professional and remarkably good all at the same time which is exactly why you should add one to your wardrobe as an essential. Check out our collection of shirts from Paul Smith, Scotch and Soda, Carhartt and Burberry London for some great picks.

A pair of black denim jeans with no fades and minimalistic looking sneakers are a great idea for wardrobe essential as well, given their versatility to go with a wide variety of combinations of shirts and jackets. Not to forget that casual Fridays ascertain to be a lot of fun with them.

This fall gear up to do things differently, after all we live in a highly sophisticated modern world. Add a touch of the same to your work wear fashion as well!