Sweatshirt – A Vital Piece of Apparel in a Man’s Wardrobe

crew neck sweatshirts for menThe sweatshirt has its origin deeply rooted in sporting apparel and its origin dates back to around the 920s when it began its humble journey as a grey utilitarian gear that was worn by athletes for their training session. It was designed to provide warmth as well as to absorb the sweat during the workout session. However, the sweatshirt has come a long way evolving itself to a great extent and today stands as a fashion staple that every man must have in his wardrobe.

A majority of men prefer comfort over fashion. Small issues like a restriction in movement can make most men extremely uncomfortable, and that is why they prefer fuss-free clothing rather than the ones that can create such issues. This is where your sweatshirt comes in, one of the most comfortable pieces of apparel in any man’s wardrobe and yet extremely versatile and stylish.

crew neck sweatshirtMen have been wearing sweatshirts for as long as they can remember. Just because it is comfortable it need not be dopey looking and loose fitting. It is the proper implementation that is the key to nail a perfect look with a sweatshirt. A perfect fit made out of comfortable material and a great colour or print that compliments you makes for a great sweatshirt. The game is all about cleverly incorporating it with your other pieces of apparel. It is also all about reinventing your style. Of course, another important thing is affordability and most sweatshirts come in a very affordable range and last almost forever. The affordable range sweatshirts are great for daily wear; however, it does not hurt to have a few exclusive pieces of sweatshirts that maybe a little off range but one look and everyone knows what you paid for them, these sweatshirts can be kept for special occasions.

One of the most talked about trend that is here to stay is the athleisure trend and the sweatshirt is a vital part of it. You can experiment with different types of sweatshirts; the common ones are the mens crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies and then there are the shawl collar crew necks.

You can pair your sweatshirt with a pair of chinos, skinny jeans or shorts and either way you are nailing a perfectly handsome look. Sweatshirts are great for layering as well; wear it under a blazer or an overcoat for an alternative look. You can wear it under or over a collared shirt to achieve two different looks. Some other interesting combinations that you can experiment with are trench coat over a sweatshirt and finishing it off with a scarf or a sweatshirt under a denim jacket is also a great combination.
Mens Versace sweatshirtsSweatshirt is a versatile apparel that can be worked into most outfits and some of the key colours that you should own are grey, black, white, and brown. For those who are a little adventurous; you can add some great prints, fun colours like red, yellow or blue.

With sweatshirts you can bring it a notch down with a cool sporty look for the streets or take it up a notch by adding some tailored layers to exude some sophistication. With winter around the corner ramp up your wardrobe with some super-hot sweatshirts to keep you warm through the whole season and also experiment great new looks.