Knit Tips

There is nothing as refreshing as sporting classics for a season. They are absolute beauties and have a sense of nostalgia to them. We at Niro Fashion are huge fans of classics and more so when they have roots that stretch deep into the course of human history. One of the most iconic and significant fabrics to ever be made are knitwear. The brainchild of nomadic groups back in the early 3rd Century, they were invented as a practical and very effective way of creating clothes that kept a person warm. They did not require a loom, intensive labour or any infrastructure for that matter.

Winter knits are more than just clothes, they are a unique embodiment of the holiday season to look festive and stay warm at the same time. If you are the jackets and cardigan kind of a guy who has never tried knitwear, you simply have not explored the possibilities of incorporating them into your casual wardrobe. Why not do something different this winter?Knitted Jumper from Armani

Like as is always in the case of achieving the basics of dressing well, right fit is everything. When buying knitwear always ensure that they fit perfectly and are made of material like wool, merino or cashmere. That way you are going to enjoy the feel of all that authenticity while your apparel will last long as well. Materials used for knitwear traditionally have always been extremely durable. Some brilliant styles you can try this season begins with the roll neck, a neat 70s trend. This style is a must have. Wear them with trainer shoes and jeans to achieve fashion elegance. Achieve that ‘smart’ look with cable knit jumpers. ‘They are thin enough to go under your favourite jacket without any discomfort while they add a subtle touch of class to your casual wardrobe. Knitwear and a jacket is a wonderful combination for the winter. Try the cable knits with some slim fit jeans and boots when you walk around the mall during shopping seasons this year.

Gentlemen looking to get an extra dose of warmth can always go for an oversized jumper. It will hang a little loose off your torso if you like clothes that have a relaxed fit but at the same time it will flatter your silhouette as well. If you really enjoy the easy accessibility of your cardigans then knitted cardigans with graphics like the ones from Scotch and Soda and Burberry London are going to put a smile on your face. Zip up knitted sweaters are right at the top of the most sought after apparel to wear this winter. While being extremely convenient to get into, they also give you the same masculine look as your jacket does but with the Elegance of knitwear! That’s the thing about them, they are simply so versatile that they are too good to be ignored. It is hardly a wonder why they have such a rich heritage and history to them.

Cardigan Knitwear

Add some fun to your style by picking up knitwear that have a funky design. We have in stock some great picks from Scotch and Soda and Burberry London. Choose from our extensive collection of need to wear and try a new look for this winter there is simply so much that you can do with them. You simply can’t beat a classic!