Fashion and Gods

What is mysterious often intrigues us. What you know well never grabs your attention as much as that particular thing that you do not know about, it could be a mysterious neighbour, the enigmatic girl in your class or office, or it could be God! Anything you do not know about often makes you interested in it. God especially is a subject that people have pondered about ever since the days of Adam and Eve, and even after billions of years it is still a mystery. Gods with their fancy names, mind blowing physical features and super powers have made their way into every popular culture of the world and that does not leave fashion behind.
Fujin and Raijin RMC Denim JacketsGods and their mythologies have tickled the creative brains of designers around the world to come out with superb, fascinating and interesting clothing based on Gods. Gods in the form of deities vary from culture to culture and there are thousands of cultures around the world and God is represented in different forms. Deities from Greek mythology, Indian mythology and Egyptian mythology have all found their way into fashion and the Japanese Gods are the latest to inspire fashion. The designer from Hong Kong Martin Ksohoh is behind all this exclusive art work and it is obvious he takes inspiration from the Japanese culture for his jeans. Lucky Buddha and Gold Nugget Kanji Jeans

Embroidered RMC denim jeansAlso, these jeans are extremely popular and hard to get your hands on as they are all limited edition with unique and exquisite designs incorporated on their exclusive raw selvedge denim jeans. We can see some of the popular Gods in the Japanese culture like Fujin who is the God of Wind and Raijin the God of thunder, lightning and storms. Japan has survived an innumerable number of storms and typhoons throughout history and hence the Gods of weather are extremely respected as well as feared. These two Gods look fierce while Raijin is seen holding hammers surrounded by drums and Fujin is depicted holding a large bag of winds on his shoulders.

We can see different forms of the Gods Fujin and Raijin depicted in beautiful and intricate handmade embroideries on the RMC denim jeans and denim jackets with tsunami waves as their background. The tsunami has caused destruction in Japan several times, but its sheer power and its colossal waves have inspired many artists to depict tsunami in different forms. Tsunami waves are also one way to identify RMC products because a majority of them have these waves as a background for any design.

Apart from these Gods, there are several designs inspired from the Japanese Good Luck Symbols like the Lucky Buddha and Gold Nugget Kanji and May God Bless you designs which you can find on jeans as well as t-shirts.

Many people love getting tattoos of different languages and symbols from different cultures. David Beckham got his wife’s name tattooed in Sanskrit, an Indian language on his hand, similarly, there are people who love fashion inspired by different culture and traditions. RMC products are great for such people. RMC has created a niche for itself by creating unique and exquisite art on their apparel which is unparalleled by any other brand.