Hang Out Wear

Chinos for MenWhite Shirt for MenA true test of your style is when you have to gear up to hang out with your friends. Everyone knows that close friends love to give each other a hard time and making fun of each other seems to be the favourite choice of weapon. Close friends can be very unforgiving and absolutely ruthless when it comes to finding something in you to laugh about. What this means is, if you can dress up well enough to ensure that they run out of insults to hurl at you about your dressing sense, then you know that you are doing pretty well. Also going out with your mates to hang out at a place is a great way for you to try some new things and explore new ideas while taking care not to get laughed at. It can be a very fun exercise indeed.

Like it is with every dressing scenario, it all begins with a good plan. The first thing you need to know is where you will be hanging out. A lot of popular hangout places have a dress code. So you need to plan your attire according to what is acceptable at the place that you are going to be hanging out at. Begin your approach to dressing by keeping things simple. Especially when meeting up with friends you haven’t met in a long time, things can get nerve-racking which can lead to panic. The best advice is to dress according to your comfort, confidence levels and of course, your age! So your choice of clothes revolves entirely around these three considerations. Here are some winning combinations for when you are gearing up to hang out.

Dress up: If the plan is to hang out at the pub for some drinks then the simple and polished look of smart casuals is exactly what you need to keep things dapper. This means it is time to dig into Polo Shirts and Casual Shirts. We have some great picks from Giorgio Armani, Versace and Dsquared2 for just such occasions. The combination of a polo shirt with a pair of well-fitting jeans is the ideal choice for wearing. It shows your mature yet stylish side. It says that you can handle smart dressing and most importantly, it says that you are slick with your style. Complete this look with a pair of simple trainers, preferable in a darker shade. This way you can stay comfortable and should the gang decide to head off to a club as part of a spontaneous plan, you can be sure that your attire fits perfectly with the place’s dress code.

Mens Polo Shirt from Dsquared

Meal out attire: While things get memorable at a club, things leading to a great night begin with a nice lunch or a dinner. Unlike clubs and pubs, many restaurants are usually calmer and silent. This is the perfect setting for something nice and colourful like a shirt and chinos. This superb combination is elegant and sexy at the same time. You can unroll your sleeves have a nice quiet meal at a posh place should the gang desire too and simply roll your sleeves back up when it is time to hit the dance floor after a couple of drinks. You can dress this look up or down by wearing a blazer or coat over your white shirt and by substituting your chinos for a pair of denim jeans respectively.
Mens Blazer from RMC Jeans
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