A Quick Guide to Winter Dressing for Men Part01

I do not know w hy men crib about dressing for the winters. When it comes to men’s fashion, there are so many reasons for being ecstatic about winters. All you need is some positive attitude and some sense of style to pull off a super-hot personal style this winter. First of all, let me tell you the number of advantages you have regarding fashion during winters,

1.    It is probably your best opportunity to show off your layering game during winter.
2.    You can bring out all those clothes that have been rotting at the back of your closet without as much as seeing a glimpse of daylight. This is your best time to wear some of those clothes you thought you would never wear!
3.    Accessories! Winter is the season for accessorising yourself. You can never do it as best as you can do it in the winters!
4.    The ultimate thing is that you have the best chance to get the fairer sex to notice you with some sharp dressing, as all the other men will be going around in their black or navy’s completely bulked up!

I am sure the fourth reason got you all revved up to go ahead and experiment with your looks this winter. Wink! Wink!

RED BRIEFS from RMC JEANSYou can dissect the anatomy of winter dressing into three main sections; the inner layer, the middle layer, and the outer layer, let’s leave out the appendages, “the accessories” for another time, where along with suggesting how to accessorize yourself for winter we will also suggest you some gift options that are apt for the coming Valentine’s Day!

Coming back to the topic of layering; working your way from a thin inner layer to a thick outer layer is a smart way of dressing for winter. The inner layer is one of the important layerings in men’s dressing. This layer has its own function and that is moisture wicking. Meaning the inner layer has to absorb the moisture or sweat from your body and move it to the outer layers where it can evaporate. The inner layer must be thin, comfortable, and flexible so that it does not hinder your movement. This layer is usually made of materials like synthetic, wool, or silk as they are good at moisture wicking and also help you keep warm. This layer is usually made of mens briefs and underwear, a well-fitting cotton t-shirt or shirt. There are many good thermal wears by different brands available which regulate your body temperature by keeping you warm while also wicking the moisture.
Versace Black t-shirt
The inner layer is often considered to be the easier choice as it is practically not shown when you head out. You must keep in mind that when you reach your destination, whether it is your work or a social gathering, the other two layers would be removed and the inner layer is what would define your look of the day.

Concluding the first part of this two-part guide to winter dressing for men, we suggest you keep watching this space for the next post in which we would share finer details about the middle and outerwear for men. You would be astonished to learn ways in which you can play with your look using the middle and outer layers of winter wear.