A Quick Guide to Winter Dressing for Men Part02

Giorgio Armani woollen sweaterIn the first part of this two-part guide to winter dressing for men we covered the inner layer. In this post, we would be sharing details about the outer and middle layers of winter wear for men. The middle layer is your insulating layer which retains warmth. This and the outer layers are also the layers that can show off your personal style. Wool and goose down are natural fibres that help you keep warm and also they are pretty lightweight. A fine woollen sweater in combination with a cotton dress shirt is perfect for a day out while still not looking bulky. There are many brands that offer superb knitwear crafted from virgin wool that can be the ideal choice for winters. There are so many options to choose from to enhance your personal style.

Carhartt shirts with their thick material and sturdy build are perfect to flaunt in style like a pro in the chilly winter. Want to add some glamour to your winter style, go for Versace shirts that offer colourful and unique prints. Want to differentiate yourself from the crowd go for a denim shirt from RMC MKWS that will surely make your mid layer look super stylish. Then there are an array of sweatshirts, zipped or without a zipper, hooded or without hood, collared or crewneck to opt from that can add a great appeal to your casual weekend style.

denim shirt from RMC MKWS

Yoropiko Functional jacketNow comes the outer layer, which plays the main role of protecting you from the elements like low temperature, wind, snow, and rain. The science to opting for a good outer layer is that it should have enough room to let the underneath layers breathe easily, remember, moisture absorption and evaporation is still in progress! Hence the outer layer is trapping air and also keeping wind and water at bay to keep you warm.

Depending on the intensity of the cold you have different outer layers to opt from. Various brands offer a stunning array of scientifically constructed outer layers to brave the elements. The microporous membrane equipped functional jacket from Yoropiko that is both wind and water resistant. The membrane offers a good amount of air circulation which will help you keep yourself warm. This is a superb option for the outer layer. They come in various elegant colours and designs. Then there is the RMC MKWS nylon quilted jacket which is equipped with inner Airtex lining, which will trap air and keep you warm. A Letterman Jacket from Sugar Cane is another great option for the outer layer if it is not snowing and is just chilly outside. Made from a combination of wool and leather this adds some rebellious attitude to your style.

For areas where the cold is manageable you have another great and unique option, the Japanese Suka Jacket by Sugar Cane. These jackets are reversible and offer two different designs on both sides. They imitate a bomber jacket and can keep you quite comfortable during a moderately cold weather.
Sugar Cane Letterman Jacket

Of course, there is one more thing that is constructed to take a beating, and that is the leather jacket! Yes even though water and snow are its enemies and can affect the leather, a water-repellent spray should do the trick. A leather jacket needs good maintenance and you are good to go. Leather jackets also adds a sexy aura to your style.

For a sharper look wool overcoats are great. Learn how to accessorize yourself for winter, you can finish your look with some great accessories like scarfs and gloves which will complete your super stylish winter look!