Hottest Jackets for Winter

We are coming to the end of winter. It is going to get warmer soon as Spring is just around the corner. So it is the last chance to buy and enjoy your outerwear. But instead of going all out and loading up on exclusive winter wear, you should look to buy clothing that can last you for many months of next year. That way you will have plenty of dressing options for the relatively warmer months of the year.

The first thing that you need to do is, to follow the ‘layering up’ approach to winter. It is easy to buy winter specific clothes. But the thing about these clothes is, they are very boring. At Niro Fashion we are all about endorsing great dressing, irrespective of the season. So this winter, you should give some of the following essential pieces and the tips on how to style them a shot. Ready? Here we go!

●    RMC Jeans Camo Bomber Jacket: No winter wardrobe is complete without bomber jackets. They are so versatile and practical. They are also extremely stylish, especially when they are designed by RMC jeans. The legendary fashion house from Hong Kong is a master of unconventional fashion. The RMC camo bomber jacket is a superb piece to come out of this design studio. It is sexy and looks great. It comes styled with slit and tilted pockets and the tiger stripe camo on this one is just mind-blowing. Throw it on top of a nice cosy sweatshirt or a pullover with jeans and it is going to protect you well in the winter.

RMC camo jacket
●    Sugarcane Letterman Jacket: A design that was inspired by the varsity jacket, the Sugarcane Letterman jacket is another important piece that can add a lot of style to your winter fashion. This jacket comes in many colours and it is styled with leather sleeves and a buttoned front closure. The classic style of this jacket is certain to add a lot of flavour to your winter fashion. One good look at its funky, text-based styling is going to fetch you a lot of attention, all winter long.

Letterman jacket

●    Thug or Angel Knitted cardigan: Knitwear is your ideal piece for smart dressing during the winter. They work well with denim jeans and chino trousers alike. Most importantly, they give you that pleasant and sophisticated feel. You can wear Thug or Angel knitted cardigan on the outside as a layer, or use it underneath some other outerwear.

Thug or Angel cardigan

●    RMC Jeans Quilted jacket: Just like bomber jackets, quilted jackets are a hot choice for great dressing in the winter. The quilted jacket from RMC Jeans is another classic apparel that comes with custom RMC Jeans styling. It is crafted from Nylon and comes in yellow, red and blue. We guarantee that it is going to keep you warm and cosy all through the winter. Most importantly, it is going to keep you looking good.

RMC Quilted jacket

●    Evisu Track Jacket: This one is for the athleisure boys. If you love sporty clothes, then this is a must-have for you. There are plenty of colours to choose from. They come in two different varieties too. These jackets are crafted from cotton and are styled in awesome bright colours. Evisu has been known to create some memorable pieces of fashion over the years and this track jacket collection is right up there at the top.

Evisu Jacket