Winter Accessories for Men

RMC ScarfIn our last blog post we talked about the winter dressing for men and in its part 2, about how to make the most of winter to dress like a pro, and how to make the most of layering. This article as we promised earlier will be all about men’s accessories for winter.

Winter is here and the chill in the air is making the cold shivers run down your spines. Although you wish to wrap yourself in a warm quilt and just hibernate until the winter has passed, it’s only wishful thinking! You need to get out of the house as you have the office to attend, you have errands to run, your pet needs to take a walk, your children need to be taken ice skating and most of   all you do not want to neglect your health just because its winter. You need to continue with your regular health regime be it cycling, jogging, walking, or whatever it may be.

For all these things you need to get out of the house. Now although you have dressed appropriately to brave the cold wind blowing outside, there are certain areas of your body that your clothing may not be able to cover efficiently. You need extra coverage as these are the parts from where you lose heat from your body rapidly and this is where your accessories come in handy.

The important accessories for men during winter are Cap, Scarf, Socks, and Gloves. These accessories will help you cover your body parts that your clothing may not be able to cover well.

•    Cap: There are different varieties of caps available to wear during winter. Although it is not proved that you lose maximum heat through your head or extremities, these are the first to start getting cold and if you do not keep it warm enough can lead to many health issues. In order to prevent yourself from catching a cold and having an ear or sinus problems, it is important you wear a cap made of wool to keep your head and ears warm. This is an accessory that can enhance your winter look. There are knit caps, aviator hats, trucker caps fur hats, and so many other types of hats to choose from depending on what you wear.
Trucker Cap for Men
•    Socks: There is no comparison to a pair of wool socks in the cold winter months to keep your feet warm and toasty. They could be a little more expensive than your regular cotton ones, but it is a great investment piece in the long run.

•    Gloves: The gloves are another stylish addition to your overall winter look. You can opt for materials like leather or wool, each has their own charisma and will make you look good in their own way. For a sharper look you can opt for leather gloves and for a cuter casual look, you can go for the woollen ones. This is one sure way to not just keep your hand warm but also show off your personal style.

Scarf from RMC Jeans
•    Scarf: A warm scarf wrapped around your neck will not only make you feel cosy, but it is an accessory that can add a stylish touch to your overall look. There is a wide array of scarves to choose from for men. They come in different designs and colours that can complement your overall dressing.

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