Get Furry with RMC Jeans Faux Fur Jacket

RMC Jeans Faux Fur Jacket Fur jackets and men have been a combination that has never caught on well. This can be attributed to the fact that the grand look of a fur jacket has been associated with starlets of the silver screen. Let’s face it, fur is diva material. Nine out of ten men are going to refuse outright to even give fur jackets a try. The fact that that the label says ‘for men’ also may not help. So does that mean fur jackets and men indeed are a combination that may never catch on?

We at RMC Jeans don’t think so! The gentlemen from Hong Kong have earned quite a reputation for themselves with their radical designs. What makes the products of RMC Jeans special is their uniqueness. There is a very high chance that you may never see a product styled with the poise that comes with an RMC jeans product, from any other manufacturer. Staying true to their design philosophy, RMC jeans has managed to create another stunner of an apparel with the RMC Jeans faux fur jacket. The best part is, you can style it just like any other jacket in your wardrobe.

The jacket has a typical RMC jeans, ‘no frills’ design. It gets straight to the point about it being made of faux fur. This, combined with the signature styling cues of RMC will have you feeling like Ryan Gosling (and not Marilyn Monroe), in an instant! It is styled with two front slit pockets and is secured with a front zip closure. The chest area is adorned with the signature RMC jeans logo. Simple yet extremely elegant, the RMC faux fur jacket has been designed to impart an interesting feel to your casual fashion. Thanks to its classic design, you can style it with any kind of trousers, although it would look and feel the most natural with denim jeans.

The jacket comes in two very charming colours, beige and brown. Each one of these colours let you come up with a wide variety of casual attires, all of which are guaranteed to make quite an impression on anyone who lays their eyes on you. With the winter season in full bloom at the moment, this jacket is a practical and classy way for you to score copious amounts of points on the fashion quotient meter. Here are our tips on how to style them:

●    Brown: The RMC faux fur jacket in brown bodes well with darker coloured denim jeans. Think black or the classic Indigo. Despite being a regular fit apparel, this brown jacket offers a close fit that works seamlessly with slim fit denim jeans, Depending on your mood, you can choose to wear the jacket over a plain t-shirt in grey, black or white colour or a solid coloured pullover. Complete this look with a pair of rugged looking leather boots, preferably in shade of brown and voila, you have just conquered the elusive charm of faux fur.
Faux Fur Jackets from RMC Jeans
●    Beige: The light colour of the beige jacket will give you leverage to try and style it with chino trousers. What you need are a pair of chino trousers in grey, white or graphite colour. Complete this radical look with simple plain white sneakers and you are going to look absolutely decked up.

Check out the RMC faux fur jackets today. Try something interesting this winter!