Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The story of Saint Patrick is an St. Patrick's Day from Niro Fashioninspiring one. It is the story of prevailing through the adversities that life throws at you to overcome it and come out at the top. Saint Patrick’s belief in the positive is central to the honour bestowed upon him in the form of Saint Patrick’s Day.

It is said that Saint Patrick walked a staggering two hundred miles to escape from the clutches of slavery that was prevalent in Ireland during the time he lived. His belief in his religion liberated his thoughts and gave him the strength to be a man who would go on to change the course of Irish history for the better. He was a social reformer who brought with him the message of Christianity. Saint Patrick’s incredible service that helped build the Irish society that is alive to this very day is what makes him such an important figure in the history of Ireland.

Besides being the ultimate honour for a man of Saint Patrick’s calibre, Saint Patrick’s day is a wonderful occasion for the citizens of the United Kingdom to come together to be grateful for everything in their life that is good. This includes family, friends and a blessed life. This year on Saint Patrick’s Day get together with your family and friends to celebrate the true spirit of this occasion, the spirit of togetherness. We believe that nothing is more important than to spare a moment to thank the people who bring out the best in us.

Saint Patrick’s Day brings a variety of activities for people of all ages. At Niro Fashion we simply love the spectacular parades, Irish specials at restaurants and of course the festive environment that comes with it. We love the celebrations and the sea of green that comes out on Saint Patrick’s Day. Check out our collections of T-shirts pullovers sweatshirts and hoodies styled in green and get in the mood for a memorable time. Green is the symbol of prosperity and we recommend adding some of it to your wardrobe for this special day. Like the Irish say ‘Get your green on and get ready to channel the luck of the Irish’, dear friends!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day
We are well within the first half of the New Year and there is an awful lot awaiting each one of us in our lives. Celebrations have a great way of rejuvenating the human spirit. The way this beautiful day is celebrated on the mainland makes it one of the most authentic and fun festivals on the planet. Let your hair down and get ready to welcome the summer in style. From the St Patrick’s Day mass to great party at an Irish Pub, there’s simply no reason for anyone to stay at home alone on this glorious day.

May the warmth of the life and contributions of one of the most iconic patron saints touch all our lives and bring some much-needed happiness to people all over the world. We wish you all a very happy St Patrick’s Day Ladies and Gents. Do not forget to have some fun!