The Niro Fashion Winter Picks

Think of your wardrobe as a giant tool box. All your clothes and accessories are your tools. These are the tools that help you create your own personal sense of style. That’s right, fashion is a creation, a culmination of multiple articles of clothing that come together to form an outfit. When you follow such an analytical approach to something as simple as getting dressed, you will come to terms with the intricacies of style.

To make the job of looking stylish during the winter a breeze, we have decided to put together a list of ‘must have’ items that we currently have in stock at Niro Fashion.

●    Sugarcane Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans: The soft feel of pre-washed denim jeans can protect you only to a certain extent in the cold. If you are looking to stay cosy without feeling the chill from the waist below, you need to try on a pair of raw Selvedge denim jeans. The Japanese selvedge denim jeans with the vintage finish from Sugarcane Co., is exactly what you need in order to beat the cold.

Selvedge Denim Jeans from Sugarcane

●    Thug or Angel Jumper: The simple yet effective designs of Thug or Angel are captivating. They work flawlessly well during the winter and its monochrome feel. The cold of the British winter makes jumpers an absolute necessity. The variety of jumpers from Thug or Angel are a brilliant choice to wear as a layer or as outerwear. The crew neck jumpers from a thick acrylic fabric will keep you comfortable and warm at the same time.

Thug or Angel Jumper

●    Burberry London Jacket: There are few things that are as helpful as a good casual wear jacket when the mercury levels drop. The Burberry London Zipper jacket is a fine example of such an apparel. Equipped with plenty of storage space for your personal belongings and made to be cosy by design, this is the ultimate urban wear for the stylish man during the winter.

Burberry London Zipper jacket

●    RMC Leather Jacket: If you are looking for some effortless style, then you simply need not look any further than the RMC jeans biker jacket collection. The leather jacket will take care of all your casual fashion needs during the winter. Everyone loves the rugged look of the leather jacket and so do we. The RMC jeans leather jacket is the quintessential choice.

Nehru Collar Biker Jacket

●    Lone Wolf Boots: Footwear is a very important part of a man’s attire and our choice for this list of winter essentials are the rugged and hot, Lone Wolf boots. The high top work style boots made by Lone Wolf, like the lace up series, are nothing short of a work of art. They are robust in construction and are sturdy. Most importantly, they are going to work seamlessly with your selvedge denim jeans and jackets.

Even though we have set foot in the third month of the New Year, there is still plenty of time here in the UK before we get to say hello to the smile-inducing warmth of sunshine. During the winter it is easy to give in to the monotony of dressing up in warm clothes. The moment this happens you begin to let your style enter the ‘hibernate’ mode. But is that really necessary? Certainly not! Winter is a great time of the year to try some unique complexions of fashion.