The Sukajun Way

Fully Reversible Suka JacketThey are called Suka jackets and they were first created in Japan. They are simply awesome! It appears that the Japanese infatuation with American made apparel has led to the creation of some iconic products. One of the most popular and coveted apparels are Japanese made denim jeans. They carry the goodness of denim jeans that were made back in the US, in the 1950s. Many Japanese brands also use natural Indigo dye during the manufacturing process. These denim jeans are loved for their authenticity. There is one other special item that is at the very top of the list of collector items in the world of apparel, original Sukajun jackets.

Also called the Suka jackets, they are known by the western world as Souvenir jackets. Unlike denim jeans these jackets are not just another version of an American made garment. As a matter of fact, this was the result of the culmination of the Japanese penchant for Artwork and the love of the Americans for it. The birth of the Suka Jackets took place back in the late forties. The Second World War had ended and there were many American soldiers stationed in the Pacific region. During the post-war occupation exercise men of the American troop began having traditional Japanese style art onto their jackets. They consisted of, Dragons, Tigers and more. This was done to commemorate their stay in Japan. In a matter of months this became a huge trend in both Japan and in the US, upon the return of the troops back to the homeland. There was now a demand for Suka jackets.
Suka Jacket from Sugarcane
What really made Suka Jackets popular was their rapid cultural evolution. In Japan, they went on to become a symbol of rebellion. The young men of Japan coveted after them. In the USA they had military heritage. Everyone outside the military establishment sought after them. Upon their acceptance and eventual appearance on the silver screen, thanks to rockstars and some movie stars they have achieved the cult status that they enjoy today. They are sexy, colourful and expressive. They are different, unique and bold as well! If you are looking to get your hands on an authentic Sukajan jacket, then you need to check out our collection from Sugarcane and Tailor Toyo. Take it from us when we say that both of these design houses have done a fantastic job with them. Starting with the variety of the authentic use of colours and styling, these Suka Jackets bring the true essence of the original ones.
Sugarcane Suka Jacket
Tailor Toyo Fully Reversible Suka JacketMake things interesting with the progressive and individualistic style of Suka Jackets. Their grandeur and awe-inspiring form factor are going to be nothing like you have ever seen before. The best part is they are a seamless fit into your natural style as well. You can wear them with denim jeans, chino trousers, boots, sneakers and a variety of other trousers and shoe combinations. On the practicality front, they feel and fit as well as bomber jackets. And there don’t seem to be many jackets that can take them head-on in the style department!

There are many men’s fashion brands that are doing a great job of keeping some iconic trends alive. Tailor Toyo and SugarCane Co are one of them and as fans of trends from the yesteryears we think their efforts have been commendable.

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