Fare Thee Well, the Parrot Niro

Our Instagram Star, Niro

Niro, Our Instagram Star

It is often said that an idea is the most important thing in life. An idea can make someone a better person, help create something truly special or make the world a better place. But an idea can come to life only when it comes together with another important aspect of life, inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Inspiration is what drives a person to act upon an idea and help bring it to reality. Niro fashion is one such idea that came to be from a very significant inspiration.

Niro Fashion is the brainchild of our main man, Mr Paul Morarji. Paul’s passion for men’s fashion has been the source for the inception of Niro Fashion, an invaluable resource that serves thousands of men in the UK today. The inspiration for the name of our beloved online store came from Paul’s little friend, a parrot named Niro. She has been a very important part of our journey in this business. But like they say, all good things must come to an end and it hurts to acknowledge that it has indeed. Niro is not with us anymore. She has decided to fly away to a better place, to her own personal Elysium. While all of us at Niro Fashion are shattered to think about the fact that she is gone, reminiscing her presence in our life at Niro Fashion still brings a smile to our faces. She passed away on 9th Apr 2018 at her home.

One of Niro's Oldest Pictures

The friendship between our boss man Paul and Niro was the stuff of legends. They were inseparable. She came to our lives a staggering thirty two years ago as a twelve-week-old ball of feathers. Born in October 1986, she used to come with Paul to work daily. She had quite the charming personality, the kind that would make anyone who visited our store at Peterborough, warm to her. She was a delightful African Grey parrot. She was a small bird but with a big personality. She was gentle and humourous, especially with children, always happy to be held and petted by all. She was a special part of our team at Niro Fashion thanks to her ability to make friends on demand. Most importantly, she was quite the entertainer, using all of that fabled ‘African Grey intelligence’ to keep whoever she met, enthralled with her speech.

She has touched many lives over all the years that have gone by. Some of our young customers who frequented the store with their parents back in the day have grown up to tell stories of the brief moments they spent with her as children, to their children today. Such has been the legacy of our special feathered friend.

With this blog entry, we bid goodbye to old girl Niro, an inspiration for all of us who have been a part of Niro Fashion. We are certain that she knows how much we all love and miss her at the store. The thought that she won’t be coming into the office perched on the shoulder of Paul for the first time ever is going to be very hard for us all to process.

Goodbye Niro old girl! We hope to see you someday on the other side of the rainbow. Cheers!