How to Clean your Suede Shoes

Every man loves a great pair of desert boots from Clarks Originals. And why not? They are absolutely awesome. They look so good, they are versatile and they fit into a large variety of dressing scenarios. But most importantly, when they are in suede, they look just fantastic. In our previous feature on Suede shoes we have explained why you must have a pair of these awesome shoes in your wardrobe. With that being said, when you buy yourself a pair of these suede boots from Clarks Originals, you are also left with the responsibility of taking good care of them. Because, let’s face the truth, unlike shoes made of any other type of material, all it takes is some drink spilt on your shoes at the pub on a Friday night to completely ruin their appeal!

Clark's Originals BootsYou need to treat your suede shoes delicately. First things first, water is an absolute suede  killer. Washing them like you would wash your sports shoes or trainers is going to ruin them. What they need is a well thought of approach to keep them clean and this is exactly what we are going to explore today. First of all, you need to source the following important things and make them a part of your shoe cleaning kit:

  • Brush for Suede Shoes: Unlike conventional leather, suede can get damaged very easily. Something as small as just scrubbing a stain on them with a wet cloth can lead to them developing patches that can leave the shoes looking like an eyesore. Look for a brush that is made for cleaning suede shoes specifically.
  • Suede Eraser: It is a specialized rubber piece that is meant to scrub out stains from the suede material. The eraser, just like a normal eraser that removes pencil writing on a piece of paper, disintegrates with use, making sure that it does not fray or tear into the suede material. This is a must-have tool in your kit. You may never know when this is going to come in handy.
  • Crepe Spray: Is a waterproof spray that helps protect your suede shoes against the elements. This is to be used with your shoes after you have given them a thorough cleaning.
  • Shoe tree: Is an essential tool for any kind of shoe. It is designed to keep the shape of your shoes intact.

Mens Footwear from Clark's OriginalsNow we come to the most important part!

How to care for your suede shoes?

The first enemy of your suede shoes is dirt. When the first signs of muddy smears appear, use the brush to clean the dirt off the surface of the shoes. Brush the shoes in such a way that it follows the grain of the fabric. Once the surface is clean, lift the nap of the suede material up by re brushing.

But sometimes things may not be so simple. There can be water damage, oil smears, wet mud and like we mentioned at the start, a spilt drink. The good news is, almost all of the bad things that can happen to your shoes can be reversed.

Wet suede shoes must be dried by patting it down with a soft cotton cloth and then naturally dried in a well-ventilated area. No! Taking a hair dryer to your shoes or leaving them out in the sun to dry them faster is not a good idea at all. To remove oily and greasy stains use corn flour or talcum powder. Apply either of these powders on the stain and leave them overnight. Then once the shoes are dry, simply brush them or use the suede eraser to remove the stain.

Those Clarks Original suede boots are worth the effort! Check them out today!