Style Tips from the Deadpool Guy

Ryan Reynolds Style TipsDeadpool has to be the absolute favourite superhero among moviegoers ever since the movie came out, with Batman finishing a distant second. The reason behind all this is the Red Leather suit-clad antihero’s wit, humour and his silver tongue. Bringing such a loveable character to life is no ordinary job and as ardent movie buffs ourselves, we think that Ryan Reynolds has etched himself into the memory of almost every human on the planet and has managed to win our hearts with his portrayal of the hilarious character. The reason why Reynolds was a natural choice for the role of Deadpool was the way in which he could effortlessly fit into the demeanour of the fabled superhero of the Marvel Comics world. He is known in the motion films fraternity to be a ‘cool guy’ which is why we imagine that he was such an appropriate choice to play the role of Deadpool.
Cool guy Reynolds is also quite a bit of a style icon. While most celebrities like Daniel Craig, Idris Elba and even Leonardo Di Caprio frequently make the front pages of fashion magazines for their impeccable fashion wear, Reynolds seems to be a darling fashion icon for his ability to pull off casual clothes, much like David Beckham. His ability to be able to combine classics with more contemporary styles is getting him noticed by fashion photographers, editors of fashion magazines and the paparazzi alike. He seems to handle all that attention with the courtesy of the quintessential cool guy that he truly is. At Niro Fashion, we enjoy featuring the style of men who are effortless in the way they dress and Ryan Reynolds and his practical yet extremely effective style are the reason why we are exploring his style today!

Style Tips from Ryan ReynoldsLike we mentioned earlier, the core of Reynolds’ style centres around extremely accessible daily fashion wear items. The first thing that one would probably come to notice about his distinctive style is how he is always into comfortable clothing. Denim jeans, chinos, casual shirts, white t-shirts, jackets and in less frequency, headgear comprises of his fashion. Bomber jackets seem to be his favourite as he is seen sporting them most of the time. He always chooses a colour that compliments his denim jeans. Most of the time they are all earthly tones like grey, olive green and beige, worn on top of a light coloured t-shirt. He finishes this ensemble with a pair of white trainer shoes or boots, again a simple but very effective approach to style. Alternatively, chinos and shirts seem to be his go-to choice, especially during the warmer seasons. Darker coloured chinos with a variety of casual shirts and t-shirts with comfort footwear are a staple. Pullovers, sweatshirt, knitwear and elegant looking jackets like the variation of the trench coat make an appearance during the colder months of the year. One thing that is apparent from his style is, his favourite colour seems to be blue!
Tips from Ryan Reynolds
Check out our collection of jackets, plaid shirts, denim jeans and chino trousers they are just what you need to get started on some of the style tips from our fashion icon in this feature. Stay tuned for more breakdowns of celebrities and their style. Also, do not miss the sequel, Deadpool 2 hitting cinemas on 16 May 2018.