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Navy Knitwear from Fred PerryEvery once in a while every sport witnesses a player who is so charismatic and influential that he/she ends up revolutionizing it. Players of this calibre are very rare but the direct impact that they have on the sport is phenomenal. Fred Perry is one such name and he is one of the most influential figures in the world of tennis. The first British man to win all four grand slam events, Fred was an absolute sensation and was loved for his showmanship on the court and his ‘never say die’ attitude. The 1940s was a very interesting time for the world of Tennis and stars like Fred Perry were at the epicentre of the limelight.

The contribution of this British legend in changing the face of the sport itself began when another sportsman, Australian football player Tibby Wegner approached Fred with a simple business proposal which would go on to become the stuff of legends. Fred at the time used to tie medical gauze around his wrist when playing to wipe the sweat off his face. Tibby has created a design from an antiperspirant cotton fabric for a band that was significantly lighter than medical gauze. He subsequently requested Fred to lend his name to it in order for it to be marketed. An Agreement between the two visionaries led to the promotion of this simple yet very effective product to the top tennis players of the time. This marked the birth of Fred Perry as a brand.
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But it wasn’t until the dawn of the 1950s that Fred Perry the brand would truly go on to garner its juggernaut momentum that would help cement its place as a global brand. Tibby Wegner followed the success of the sweatband with another novel idea, a Pique shirt. The shirt was a slim fit apparel crafted from thin knitted cotton. The freedom of movement, reach and the enhanced mobility this shirt offered ended up upping the pace of the sport itself. Players were much more comfortable and were far more active on the court. Branding this fantastic apparel with the laurel wreath gave the brand envisioned by the duo, the legendary status that it enjoys today. It was the ‘mod’ movement that took birth in London towards the end of the 1950s that fuelled the fame of Fred Perry. Coincidentally, the rebellious nature of mod culture and the expressive attitude of Fred as a tennis player worked to the advantage of the brand.
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Today Fred Perry is recognized as a fashion outfit whose designs evoke the nostalgia of the retro days. The sportswear and casual wear from the house of Fred Perry are loved unanimously by tennis fans and fashion enthusiasts all over the globe. At Niro Fashion, we are the official resellers of the brand and are one of the premier sources to find the latest collection of apparel from the outfit. Refreshingly British by design and charmingly elegant, the collection of men’s clothing from Fred Perry consists of some fashion essentials that you must check out. Indulge in the collection of casual shirts, polo shirts and much more by Fred Perry, now!

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