Fred Perry Sale Ends on 20th May 2018

Mens Long Sleeve Check ShirtFred Perry is one of the global brands that are refreshingly British. It was born from the vision of a man who was also a phenomenal athlete. Fred Perry, the tennis legend and multiple grand slam winner set the ball rolling for the foundation of the brand when he sought something more practical and comfortable to wear during the games. The traditional white shirt was simply not up to the mark when it came to next level mobility on the court. The need for a pragmatic apparel paved the way for the birth of the pique shirt, an essential classic in every man’s wardrobe today.

His vision not only helped make the game better due to the enhanced comfort that it allowed the player on the court, but it also led to the birth of the iconic apparel that the pique shirt is. Initially, the shirt came with features that were progressive at the time. It had a body-hugging slim fit that upped the pace of the game itself. Fred Perry’s achievements both on the court and with his fashion brand make him the legend that he is.

At Niro Fashion, we like to celebrate the life of iconic British personalities such as Fred. On the occasion of the tennis star’s birthday, we have decided to feature a sale on our collection of Fred Perry apparel. You can shop for our collection of Fred Perry shirts at a flat 25% off on the price! The series of sales that we hosted since Christmas of last year up to Valentine’s Day this year was a great way for our customers to get their hands on some brilliant apparel and accessories from global brands from all over the world. This is one such opportunity for our customers to add top quality apparel form Fred Perry to their wardrobe.
Fred Perry Navy Shirt
Since the inception of our online store, we have tried to instate customer-friendly initiative that drives customer engagement. Hosting a sale that brings brilliant products to the fingertips of the customers at great prices is one such initiative. This is the main reason why we have been hosting regular sales, especially during the holiday season. While our premier online retail service is dedicated to making the life of our customers convenient, bringing the best men’s apparel from all over the world, to their fingertips, we also want to make shopping with Niro Fashion, a fun and a rewarding experience.
Fred Perry Shirt
The Niro Fashion Fred Perry sale like all the other sales that we have featured in the past is valid only while stocks last. Make the most of this opportunity and get your hands on the stock at prices that we guarantee are very hard to beat. The sale is in progress and all of the prices of Fred Perry Products have been marked down to 25% off. Find some great deals on world-class products from the brand. The sale will last until the 20th of May 2018. So we urge you to spread the word about the great deals that await our customers!